Identical Twin Snakes! A clutch of Ball python eggs hatched out and one egg had identical twin boys! JOIN THE MOVEMENT!!

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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!


Brian Barczyk


  1. Brian Barczyk

    Brian Barczyk28 dagen geleden

    Good Morning Reptile Army! Hope your days are going great! its FRIDAY! We have a packed day and evening here! Please make sure you head over to my FaceBook page @BrianBarczyk tonight at 6pm ET! We have two legends on a brand new feature that we teamed up with FaceBook on. Its called Audio Chat Rooms and we will be chatting with Tom Crutchfield and Ty Parks about what's up in their lives! You won't want to miss it! So again 6pm ET on my Facebook page @BrianBarczyk. Should be an absolute blast! We will be doing 6 of these Audio Chats over the next couple months, so follow me for all the awesome guests we will be having on! Have a great Friday everyone! Be grateful and kind! love you all and see you tomorrow! Brian


    RESILIENCE IS A VIRTUE27 dagen geleden

    @Lee G agreed but be sweet and nice to salty she cannot see up close like many saltwater albino crocodilians they have terrible vison.., for example she could not see up close when they threw the egg at her face but when they roll it she ate the egg..... An example of terrible vision......


    RESILIENCE IS A VIRTUE27 dagen geleden

    @Lisa Maria ok 💕🐍🥰👁️🥳

  4. Lisa Maria

    Lisa Maria27 dagen geleden

    @RESILIENCE IS A VIRTUE c u there !!!!


    RESILIENCE IS A VIRTUE27 dagen geleden

    @Elias Suorsa 🐍🔥👁️🤯

  6. Elias Suorsa

    Elias Suorsa27 dagen geleden

    @RESILIENCE IS A VIRTUE see you there!

  7. just live

    just liveUur geleden

    i have a question, where van u adopt a snake from Brian?

  8. Charlotte long

    Charlotte long10 dagen geleden

    Ronnie and Reggie

  9. Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta Stone10 dagen geleden

    Nice 🙂

  10. Tiffany

    Tiffany11 dagen geleden

    Name them mango and pineapple.

  11. Gaming Voyager

    Gaming Voyager14 dagen geleden

    Snake twins

  12. Chris Rosario

    Chris Rosario17 dagen geleden

    Name them five five twins

  13. Judith Balchin

    Judith Balchin20 dagen geleden

    Waaaaaawooooo twins

  14. Rae Lee

    Rae Lee22 dagen geleden

    I thought it was better to let them come out on their own...They didn't seem as active as other snakes when they have came out on there own. I don't know much about snakes, just something I have seen a few times.

  15. Onika Lathom

    Onika Lathom24 dagen geleden

    Hey what kinda of snake morphs will be ready in 3 months

  16. Samantha Woodward

    Samantha Woodward24 dagen geleden

    What is paytron? If that's what it's call

  17. Samantha Woodward

    Samantha Woodward24 dagen geleden

    Me and my daughter r really missing the finding eggs n pulling them

  18. GoddessLove Remedies

    GoddessLove Remedies24 dagen geleden

    I love the twins and please put the fatheads for sale I would love to get some!!!!

  19. LJ Cl

    LJ Cl24 dagen geleden

    I would think that coming from the one egg they would be identical?

  20. Katie loynes

    Katie loynes24 dagen geleden

    Are you going to keep and raise up the twins? It would be cool to have them as ambassador animals, and even see if they produce similar or the same offspring, since they are identical.

  21. Kelly Bocock

    Kelly Bocock24 dagen geleden

    You should try breeding twins with twins...

  22. Olivia Wagnon

    Olivia Wagnon25 dagen geleden

    How so cool

  23. Red Shaggy

    Red Shaggy25 dagen geleden

    Omg they are so adorable i want both ahhh 😱

  24. Mary

    Mary26 dagen geleden

    Should you not still just let them come out on their own Brian? I get your excitment but still.

  25. Mary

    Mary22 dagen geleden

    @Rae Lee Most reputable snake breeders and youtubers encourage you to *never* take your snake out of the egg and to always let it come out on it's own.

  26. Rae Lee

    Rae Lee22 dagen geleden

    I was wondering the same? I thought it was better to let them come out on their own...They didn't seem as active as other snakes when they have came out on there own. I don't know much about snakes, just something I have seen a few times.

  27. Dylan Gouveia

    Dylan Gouveia26 dagen geleden

    Definitely want the big stickers

  28. Ballstastitron

    Ballstastitron26 dagen geleden

    Ha! I recently lost track of my little pinstripe ball for like a week and a half and my whole family was paranoid the whole time, couldn't imagine their worry if i had a big ol' reticulatus. (i found her btw she was in my mom's closet)

  29. Ray Raz Reptile

    Ray Raz Reptile26 dagen geleden

    I hatched twins last year lol Black pastel Champange twins

  30. Trinity Waddell

    Trinity Waddell26 dagen geleden

    i would totally want to get one of those stickers of my tegu, finney!!

  31. Heather Zimba

    Heather Zimba26 dagen geleden

    You should keep them and name them thing one and thing two!

  32. Marshall Weber

    Marshall Weber26 dagen geleden

    Awesome Video and much Love as Always Brian & Crew!!!!

  33. Marcea Stave

    Marcea Stave26 dagen geleden

    You should name the twins banana and peel

  34. Koenigsegg Agera R

    Koenigsegg Agera R27 dagen geleden

    i recently got a little baby axolotl had it for about 2 months now so its relatively 3 months old since it was a month old when i got and i have no clue how to tell what gender it is and i don't even know how to tell an axolotl's gender. Can someone please help me with how i can tell what gender my axolotl is?

  35. Nona Baumgardner

    Nona Baumgardner27 dagen geleden

    Loved seeing those kids light up over the animals ❤

  36. Eric Thompson

    Eric Thompson27 dagen geleden

    I actually really like the daily history lessons I find the back stories to be pretty interesting

  37. natalie fernandez

    natalie fernandez27 dagen geleden

    When they all hatch out you’re going to have a whole danger pasta 5 course meal

  38. Cynthia Fitton

    Cynthia Fitton27 dagen geleden

    I’m not asking to pick at or be nosey but just cuz I want to learn, How come when you cut eggs you can’t take them out right away? What does the yolk sac have to do?

  39. Indianna Ostara

    Indianna Ostara27 dagen geleden

    Hey Brian I live in Australia and I really want a pied ball python or a children's python and your an amazing inspiration for me to keep up my dream of get snakes begging every single day keep up the good work

  40. Tracie and the crazy turtle

    Tracie and the crazy turtle27 dagen geleden

    Aaawwwwhhh twins. You should call them Tic and Toc. Holy cow those koi have gotten big.

  41. Zack Phillips

    Zack Phillips27 dagen geleden

    Ohio Fish Rescue! Gotta love them guys over there.

  42. Christina Dvoracek

    Christina Dvoracek27 dagen geleden

    Egg time song, beautiful ball python twins

  43. Tyler Wrisinger

    Tyler Wrisinger27 dagen geleden

    Got to name the twins Vincent and Julius from movie twins lol

  44. La Tre Clays

    La Tre Clays27 dagen geleden

    Hey Brian we are a band and we have been fans for a long time. We wanted to let you know that if you need any music you can use ours for free, it would mean the world to us!

  45. Charlyann Knopf

    Charlyann Knopf27 dagen geleden

    I'm late to the party today. I love twins! So cute!

  46. Laura Baca

    Laura Baca27 dagen geleden

    The shirt is so cute. The twins are adorable.

  47. Elizabeth Williams

    Elizabeth Williams27 dagen geleden

    I love the kids faces when they hold the snake

  48. Karyl Phan

    Karyl Phan27 dagen geleden

    Cronos is very beautiful ❣️wow that pueblinmilk is stunning.

  49. Andrew Rodgers

    Andrew Rodgers27 dagen geleden

    keep the twins and put them on exhibit in an enclosure big enough for the two of them to live together

  50. ThisIsYourFinalMission

    ThisIsYourFinalMission27 dagen geleden

    Brian if those two ball pythons aren’t the same gender, can you name them “jack” and “Jill”?

  51. Xander Smart

    Xander Smart27 dagen geleden

    Hey how much would it be for the twins together

  52. I like turtles

    I like turtles27 dagen geleden

    you need pepper down below

  53. Eric Steinhauer

    Eric Steinhauer27 dagen geleden

    Thanks for keeping it up. Watch every day, thanks for showing the rainbow off the other day. Boas are my favorite. How are the assist feed mangrove snakes doing

  54. Jerrika Potterhead

    Jerrika Potterhead27 dagen geleden

    Jay is such a hard worker, that man deserves a raise!

  55. Jerrika Potterhead

    Jerrika Potterhead27 dagen geleden

    Despite some glitches and missing the first 15 minutes, I thought the audio room thing was pretty fun! Can't wait for the rest. I was in the "front row."

  56. Sonia Yancy

    Sonia Yancy27 dagen geleden

    You should dedicate a WALL to FAN ART, PICTURES, LETTERS...etc.!!! Love seeing the Twin Snakes 🐍🐍😍😍

  57. Haley Widiker

    Haley Widiker27 dagen geleden

    This might be kind of a boring idea but maybe you could keep the twins at the reptarium i know I’d love to be able to see them grow up and visit them

  58. sandyc6569

    sandyc656927 dagen geleden


  59. Chris Brubaker

    Chris Brubaker27 dagen geleden

    would love to see a video on your walk in incubator

  60. Catherine Kamoen

    Catherine Kamoen27 dagen geleden

    Ahhhhh twins

  61. Flip flop the frog Playz

    Flip flop the frog Playz27 dagen geleden

    Please see this, if you keep the twins and breed them your chances of getting more identical twins goes way up from here on out!!

  62. Tina Lee

    Tina Lee27 dagen geleden

    Oh that would be so cool I would definitely love my life-size one of my babies 👍💯😁!!

  63. Tina Lee

    Tina Lee27 dagen geleden

    Yeah absolutely should do one of your anaconda!? that would be huge!!! could wrap around that one whole office? And looking lifelike put that on the wall wrapped around that would be so cool and so creepy at the same time 😬😂😁💯👍

  64. Tina Lee

    Tina Lee27 dagen geleden

    Yes that is so cool I love them life-size print outs!! They are totally cool!! 💯😁

  65. Deedee Majerus

    Deedee Majerus27 dagen geleden

    Good wonderful evening,hope everyone is well. Egg pulling = NEVER boring. I miss having more of it. :(

  66. Adamaries .M. Tellez

    Adamaries .M. Tellez27 dagen geleden

    Can you do a care video for milk snakes ?

  67. Tina Lee

    Tina Lee27 dagen geleden

    Hey I don't know if you're really good expert on koi fish? BECAUSE I used to not be😬 when when I first started out with my koi pond 😐?! Make sure you have an owl or a stork, fake one sitting on the side of your pond!! BECAUSE if not , the eagles or whatever large prey bird you have, will eat every single one of your koi fish, which are not cheap, especially if you have exotic ones? I lost thousands of dollars in koi fish, because I did not know that😢 till it was too late, and thousands of dollars of koi was bird food 😞, talk about being upset. But once I put the fake owl , and decided to educate myself and what I was doing with the Koi pond and the fish , instead of just flying by the seat of my pants, and thinking I know it all 😐😬😔 that's what I used, a life sized ceramic owl, it stopped the eagles, that's what kind of bird of prey I had on my property. AND thay are absolutely gorgeous and I was not going to chase them off my property. Perfect plus it's our state bird and really really illegal to harm or hurt them which I would never ever ever do no matter what!!! I enjoyed having them 💯 on my property I enjoyed all my wild Life on my property, I had a female and a male nesting on top of my barn every year!! And I got to see them hatch out babies, and the babies would fly off and they are just absolutely gorgeous. But I love all animals!! But eagles, they're thinking one thing , DINNER BELL 😁😬😨, can you blame them?? And they're so bright and colorful THE KOI, EAGLES have an EAGLE EYE 👁️ LOL so they saw them immediately even with all the lily pads and things that I had for the koi fish to hide from really the sun in my mind, and also birds of prey I thought that would be good enough? Yeah no 😬. AND they're so cool when they eat out of your hand and they get to know you, it's a very good then very good relaxing place, a place to clear your mind, and you can make unbelievable so beautiful, exotic, little world, with so many different THINGS to make you relax and forget about our daily woos ?? It's definitely Zen!!! 💯 Just going to give you that little tip and a little story actually long story, sorry 😬😁😂!!!

  68. Tina Lee

    Tina Lee27 dagen geleden

    The look on your face when he was staring you right straight in the face, priceless 😂!!!! 😨 That's what you look like !!! I would have been, forget it 😂 I wouldn't even be picking that lizard up, no less shit in my pants!? 😂💯 He is beautiful, but scary 😬🐍🥺😱😂💯!!!!! I had to edit cuz I realized I said snake, not lizard because it does look like a snake, with creepy eyes 😆😬!!

  69. Tina Lee

    Tina Lee27 dagen geleden

    Your hair is getting so long Brian, I didn't notice that, but you were laying on your belly , trying to get the snake, and I could see the length of your ponytail 👍💕. Not fair you almost getting hair as long as me ,😁😂 it looks good👍. Your hair fits your personality 100% 👍💕!!! Keep it growing! 💇🦎🐉🦖🦕🐢🐊🐍🦔 That's the closest thing looking like a sloth on my Emojis? That's all I could find!!! I can't believe that, I'm pissed 😂!!?? I don't have a sloth??! 🤔😬😞 I guess I'm going to have to make a complaint LOL!!! 🤣😂🤣😂 How did they not have one of the cutest animals as emoji?? 🤔😞🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🦔 But this little hedgehog is pretty cute? 😁

  70. Beanie boos by nat

    Beanie boos by nat27 dagen geleden

    I went to ur place today and I fed Elvis and i was sad that u weren’t there bc it was my first time and my brother Patrick was bummed also

  71. Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown27 dagen geleden


  72. Tina Lee

    Tina Lee27 dagen geleden

    Congratulations papa 😁👍 they are beautiful and that is cool, identical twins 🐍🐍?! 💕💯

  73. Rowena Wragg

    Rowena Wragg27 dagen geleden

    Have you ever cleaned under that freezer. It would be like an archaeological dig. Glad you found your snake though.

  74. Trash_Sweat24-7 Yt

    Trash_Sweat24-7 Yt27 dagen geleden

    Brian I’m getting my first ball python in Sunday!

  75. CatPokeDragonYT

    CatPokeDragonYT27 dagen geleden

    I’m definitely interested

  76. Andrew McMickin

    Andrew McMickin27 dagen geleden

    Why don’t we see these snakes in a lot of videos

  77. Vicky made me

    Vicky made me27 dagen geleden

    Luv the salty poster....

  78. Talksteeped

    Talksteeped27 dagen geleden

    One of my favorite videos

  79. Amber Grizzell

    Amber Grizzell27 dagen geleden

    Omg the twins are adorable nd the salt poster is incredible!

  80. Derek Jansen

    Derek Jansen27 dagen geleden

    I love the history lessons of certain morphs! keep em coming!

  81. Ahmed Khaled Ouf

    Ahmed Khaled Ouf27 dagen geleden

    I love watching this guy’s videos when I’m high

  82. Roger Solis

    Roger Solis27 dagen geleden

    how do u let your snakes to have eggs

  83. J.J. Jones Madsen

    J.J. Jones Madsen27 dagen geleden

    I love u them

  84. Joanna Bolam

    Joanna Bolam27 dagen geleden

    Your escapee snake is a beautiful colour. The gold on it really shimmered. You’ve never mentioned about your Reptarium being completely secure just in case they do get out within the building. That’s defo something to tell the kids in their interaction parties. I love seeing the kids faces when they see the animals. It’s so enriching for them. It was great to see twin snakes too. They are so cute. Bruce is a real asset. I’d love to see him bring in his cobras. I love seeing the Cobra’s . Your posters are awesome. The vlog today was great because it was varied.

  85. The Pie

    The Pie28 dagen geleden

    Can we get a video of your albino alligator ?

  86. JenJenAnimal&MusicLver

    JenJenAnimal&MusicLver28 dagen geleden

    I love seeing those lids faces light up, how adorable.

  87. Amanda Z

    Amanda Z28 dagen geleden

    It is sooo great to see Bruce back on the vlog and all the smiling, excited kids again! Those wall stickers are amazing!! 🥰❤

  88. Valerie Fergusson

    Valerie Fergusson28 dagen geleden

    This is the first time I have had to watch a video twice! So nice xx

  89. Valerie Fergusson

    Valerie Fergusson28 dagen geleden

    To see the little boy’s face show his utter delight at the big snake put round his neck xx

  90. Zig Zag

    Zig Zag28 dagen geleden

    OOO MY GOD!!!! Those cute tiny pythons !!!! My heart is melt like butter!

  91. Dwayne Ellig

    Dwayne Ellig28 dagen geleden

    Hey Brain who is that snake that got out today is that one of Lucy? I have never saw that one before ??? Thanks

  92. eric alexander

    eric alexander28 dagen geleden

    The reason I sold my collection and got out of the hobby was wanting to have what he has and knowing my collection would never be what he has and knowing I would never come close to the accomplishments he has made. purely made me give up .

  93. Drktattoo jr

    Drktattoo jr28 dagen geleden

    Beautiful snakes.... Hey bryan how long should a first time mom take to lay all of her eggs... I dont want to pull her eggs to early... Never had a first time mom... Always had Proven. Maybe you could do a vid and talk a little bit about it..Thanks in advance

  94. BloodyScales

    BloodyScales28 dagen geleden

    @Drktattoo jr No Problem.

  95. Drktattoo jr

    Drktattoo jr28 dagen geleden

    @BloodyScales ty

  96. BloodyScales

    BloodyScales28 dagen geleden

    Not brian but, Usually they lay the same as proven breeders. Just give her a couple hours and check. If you need to, give her 24 hours and see if she's done. She should definitely be done by then.

  97. HokoriKoumori 12

    HokoriKoumori 1228 dagen geleden

    How about Romulus and Remus for names for the identical twin snakes?

  98. BAnn Laughlin

    BAnn Laughlin28 dagen geleden

    Love those children faces

  99. keenan coston

    keenan coston28 dagen geleden

    Have u ever accidentally cut a baby snake whale opening the egg

  100. BloodyScales

    BloodyScales28 dagen geleden

    Knock on wood, Nope, but he's cut himself before. Nothing serious.

  101. BAnn Laughlin

    BAnn Laughlin28 dagen geleden


  102. Allana Jones

    Allana Jones28 dagen geleden

    Love the videos such cute snakes hope you have a wonderful day

  103. Annette Richetelli

    Annette Richetelli28 dagen geleden

    Love the t-shirt, I used to own the same one!

  104. The Reptilian Brazilian

    The Reptilian Brazilian28 dagen geleden

    I never know what day it is on the vlogs

  105. Avery the Cuban-American

    Avery the Cuban-American28 dagen geleden

    Matilda when the monitor was sprinting towards her: 👁👄👁

  106. The Reptilian Brazilian

    The Reptilian Brazilian28 dagen geleden

    It's too bad when you have twins later on you can't tell which ones were twins or came from different eggs 🥚

  107. Johny Boat

    Johny Boat28 dagen geleden

    Egg cutting is definitely not boring I love it


    GYM MASTER28 dagen geleden

    That’s so Awesome.

  109. Brian Hopkins

    Brian Hopkins28 dagen geleden

    Hi Brian

  110. Jon Black

    Jon Black28 dagen geleden

    hi are u getting any hognose cluches?

  111. Gaia Tordrup

    Gaia Tordrup28 dagen geleden

    Good morning Brian! Keep the twins fore the, Zoo its amazing to see that they are the same 😍