What does it mean to have an Allelic gene? I explain what the difference is between allelic and nonallelic genes? JOIN THE MOVEMENT!!

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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!


Brian Barczyk


  1. Brian Barczyk

    Brian Barczyk27 dagen geleden

    Good Morning Reptile Army! Hope your weekends are going great! I am excited we will be dropping the first video of our new series on our other channel at 9:30amET. So just 30 minutes from now! Its been 2 years since we posted on that channel! Its called "The Plug" and it'll be a recap of what is happening in the reptile world hosted by my buddy MJ! SO go check that out at is 30 minutes! We will have a new update on the hobby each week on Friday or Saturday! So tune in! Hope you enjoyed todays vlog and learned a little? Or maybe I just confused you Regardless, thank you for always supporting us! I can not thank you enough! Love you all and will see you tomorrow! Brian

  2. Erica Steed

    Erica Steed17 dagen geleden



    PEPPER CALLiOU24 dagen geleden

    Brian, I have a question. I’ve noticed when you cut eggs you don’t pull the head out where jay from prehistoric pets does. Is there a reason you don’t? Or why he does?

  4. Fran Wi

    Fran Wi25 dagen geleden

    You are one of the greats in the community and inspire a ton of people into the hobby. With that you have one of the largest followings of all breeders, so when you put out misinformation its does a ton of damage in the community. You should know ghi isn't in a complex, let alone part of the blue eyed lucy. Idk if you were just having a bad day or what but you should definitely be better that that....

  5. Rassie Venter

    Rassie Venter26 dagen geleden

    Do you guys drop it in solitude Africa.

  6. Poetic Osmosis Entanglement

    Poetic Osmosis Entanglement26 dagen geleden

    Put the Mojave under a black light so we can see all the patterns please. Thanks

  7. Fy

    Fy8 dagen geleden

    Where is a good place to buy a pet ball python?

  8. Jason Sutton

    Jason Sutton10 dagen geleden

    I did get the super Mojave ghi right

  9. Florence Coen

    Florence Coen12 dagen geleden

    Sorry Brian but I am completely confused about the genetics. Dang will I ever get it?

  10. TCBM1

    TCBM112 dagen geleden

    Hey Brian, Can you do a video of your top 5 largest ball pythons? I would love to see how big they are or here you talk about how big they can get.

  11. Trevor Anderson

    Trevor Anderson12 dagen geleden


  12. Swagger Squad

    Swagger Squad15 dagen geleden

    I have like 15 python snakes

  13. Great dane

    Great dane16 dagen geleden

    That 🍌 super was sick 💪

  14. Erica Steed

    Erica Steed17 dagen geleden


  15. Den M

    Den M19 dagen geleden

    GHI and Mohave are in no way allelic. I enjoy your videos but that info is wrong.

  16. Angela Barnett

    Angela Barnett23 dagen geleden

    Please do a follow up on this video and show us the babies out of the eggs.


    EAN BROWNING23 dagen geleden

    Hi Brian . I love snakes and I like what you are trying to do with and about snakes . Brian is any chance that you could slow your roll down and just talk about just one snake so we can take it all in about one snake at a time mate.your talking too fast and I don't know about anybody else but you are starting to bore people as it is nearly coming out of your mouth like mumbo jumbo . Please Brian we want to learn all we can about your snakes and the like just not all of it in one show thank-you . ps: I hope I haven't upset you or anybody else that is watching your show.

  18. Ryan Thomas

    Ryan Thomas23 dagen geleden

    Been watching a little over a year now and never seen you take out Casper. Prob bc of his temperament😅 love that boy

  19. GoddessLove Remedies

    GoddessLove Remedies24 dagen geleden

    I love it when you talk about the genes, how they can and can't mix and what options could hatch out. I'm just getting into the hobby after getting over my fear of snakes and you are teaching me so much.

  20. tyler glenn

    tyler glenn24 dagen geleden

    I started feeding my ball python live and it’s so much better but do I need to know any thing about live feeding him is it dangerous for him

  21. insanity4224

    insanity422424 dagen geleden

    I want to slap whoever is responsible for the sudden zoom out/in just before Brian opens an egg. Just show the animal please..

  22. Joshua Stapleton

    Joshua Stapleton25 dagen geleden

    Brian doesn't always tell ya, but when he does tell ya, he tells ya what.. Lol I always love when he gets attacked to a special word and it becomes his favorite . the new word for Brian is... "RIPPER"

  23. Joshua Dill

    Joshua Dill23 dagen geleden

    Ripper hes been saying that for years.

  24. Clint Halkett-Siddall

    Clint Halkett-Siddall25 dagen geleden

    Love the shirt

  25. lotuschild696

    lotuschild69625 dagen geleden

    Did Brian say Het Russo? Did I hear that right?

  26. Cristi Todoca

    Cristi Todoca25 dagen geleden

    What? Brian...I've hatched normals from mojave x pastave ghi, two years in a row. Yeah...I know...I am not that lucky but the point is that they are not allelic!

  27. Lj & Noah Tv

    Lj & Noah Tv25 dagen geleden

    This is gold! Do more vids like this pls explaining genetics 👍🏽😎

  28. Brenda Shadley Shadley

    Brenda Shadley Shadley25 dagen geleden

    Sunfire need's to have baby's 🐍 🐍 🐍

  29. Arboreal Obscurities

    Arboreal Obscurities25 dagen geleden

    LMFAO those darn "BOYAGO SEEINNEA" and those "OCTOgenic" color changes. come onnn atleast try...

  30. youtube player

    youtube player25 dagen geleden

    I need a diagram for the genetics 🤯lol! Another Awesome video! Ty

  31. Peter Williams Reptiles

    Peter Williams Reptiles25 dagen geleden

    love your videos bri-guy but if you were going to do an allelic lesson you might've wanted to pick 2 genes that are actually allelic with each other.

  32. Aan Streetsoldier

    Aan Streetsoldier25 dagen geleden

    Yeaaahhh i miss casper...thank you

  33. Karyl Phan

    Karyl Phan26 dagen geleden

    I got one the Mohave. I really really love the last egg you opened!!

  34. Jackson Rodriguez

    Jackson Rodriguez24 dagen geleden

    Hello Karyl

  35. Tee b

    Tee b26 dagen geleden

    Way to go Brian! 🎉🎊

  36. Karen Williams

    Karen Williams26 dagen geleden

    Love egg cutting!!

  37. allday everyday

    allday everyday26 dagen geleden

    There should be a scientific data base to test genes that would be cool

  38. MsOnly1Truth

    MsOnly1Truth25 dagen geleden

    There actually are two websites where you can plug in different ball python genetics and see the chances of getting different combos :) as well as . I run genetics through both of them whenever I'm getting a snake and figuring out breeding plans!

  39. Marshall Weber

    Marshall Weber26 dagen geleden

    Awesome Video and Much Love as Always!!!

  40. Critters Crafts & Crochet

    Critters Crafts & Crochet26 dagen geleden

    I'm really starting to like Mike. At first... I wasn't convinced cause he was quiet and kinda shy.. but I enjoy watching him nowdays. :D

  41. Gerry Beathard

    Gerry Beathard26 dagen geleden

    Not sure how you missed on this one. GHI and Mojave are not allelic, they are reactive. If they were allelic, how would you explain my super mojave ghi?

  42. Gerry Beathard

    Gerry Beathard25 dagen geleden

    They look diffeeent... darker back.

  43. Jaco verster

    Jaco verster25 dagen geleden

    How did you ID the GHI in the combo? Struggling to ID GHI in my BEL hatchlings.

  44. real fireman

    real fireman26 dagen geleden

    Late to the party but good day everyone sending love and positive vibes from down here in the bayou to the reptarium and everywhere in between.

  45. Tactical Impact GAT

    Tactical Impact GAT26 dagen geleden

    GHI and Mojave are NOT allelic.

  46. Geoffrey DeLan

    Geoffrey DeLan26 dagen geleden

    If this were true how come I've seen super ghi mojaves?

  47. honor v10

    honor v1026 dagen geleden


  48. DesolateDemise

    DesolateDemise26 dagen geleden

    Less ball python/cornsnakes more content of your reptile zoo....8 minutes of boring content

  49. Mandy Shepherd

    Mandy Shepherd26 dagen geleden

    Really can't wait to see them outta the egg ... Love the vlog thanks for sharing

  50. Charlie Russell

    Charlie Russell26 dagen geleden

    Brian you are an inspiration for me thanks to you im getting my first snake

  51. Joe & Jodi Rasmussen Rasmussen Reptiles

    Joe & Jodi Rasmussen Rasmussen Reptiles26 dagen geleden

    Your the smartest guy I know on genetics, however ghi and Mojave are not allelic.

  52. Jennessa Ballard

    Jennessa Ballard26 dagen geleden

    You should get Wicken's Wicked Reptiles in for a podcast!

  53. karen cruz

    karen cruz26 dagen geleden

    i love watching your videos and i think all your snakes are Beautiful and for guessing on what kind of snake it is i'm no good at guessing love what you all do please stay safe

  54. Sonia Yancy

    Sonia Yancy26 dagen geleden

    Can't wait to see them popped out 😍😍😍We need daily update on Casper and blind snake❤❤❤

  55. Katy Philpott

    Katy Philpott26 dagen geleden


  56. Christopher Finn

    Christopher Finn26 dagen geleden

    There’s going to be ball pythons inside. I hope I am right

  57. Christopher Finn

    Christopher Finn26 dagen geleden

    I was right!!!

  58. Jhye Sheppard

    Jhye Sheppard26 dagen geleden

    I love how is his videos he starts off in what he says is in the thumbnail and doesn't drag it out to make the viewer wait

  59. macuser111111

    macuser11111126 dagen geleden

    Brian. GHI Mojave aren’t allelic!!! That’s the first time I heared!!! Please correct it.

  60. Tina Howell

    Tina Howell26 dagen geleden

    Have you ever bred him for the color?

  61. Cynthia L Bell

    Cynthia L Bell26 dagen geleden

    Hi Brian can't wait to see those babies after they hatch. Nice to see Casper

  62. OvrseerEDM

    OvrseerEDM26 dagen geleden

    When will you have more Suriname redtails???

  63. Dawn B

    Dawn B26 dagen geleden

    Brian very educational I did learn some info on the genes. Thank you for sharing.

  64. Max - Interstellar Reptiles

    Max - Interstellar Reptiles26 dagen geleden

    GHI is not in the BEL complex. a GHI Mojave can reproduce itself & normals

  65. Lady_Ryl

    Lady_Ryl26 dagen geleden

    I love learning about the genetics. I also love trying to guess what the genetics of the baby are before you tell us. Second year watching egg cutting and I'm up to about 80% correct guesses :)

  66. pumpkinseb666

    pumpkinseb66626 dagen geleden

    i like it

  67. pumpkinseb666

    pumpkinseb66626 dagen geleden

    i like it

  68. Chela Green

    Chela Green26 dagen geleden

  69. Reptile Nexus

    Reptile Nexus26 dagen geleden

    I didn't know GHI was allelic with mojave. Interesting.

  70. nathan mccook

    nathan mccook26 dagen geleden

    Its not. Ghi isn't a Bel, and has Proven many times to not be alleleic to ANY bels

  71. JenJenAnimal&MusicLver

    JenJenAnimal&MusicLver26 dagen geleden

    Salty is Getty Sassy!

  72. dkherndon

    dkherndon26 dagen geleden

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Egg Cutting. It’s like opening gifts on Christmas morning.

  73. Brian Hopkins

    Brian Hopkins26 dagen geleden

    And Mojave ball python

  74. Brian Hopkins

    Brian Hopkins26 dagen geleden

    Do I hear another ghi ball python

  75. Angels cold blooded Exotics

    Angels cold blooded Exotics26 dagen geleden

    Brian GHI and Mojave aren’t allelic though?

  76. Kpo Pythons

    Kpo Pythons23 dagen geleden

    I have 3 ghi mojave siblings. father was ghi mojave and mother was albino. ghi and mojave are definitely not allelic 🤣

  77. Tully’s out regius royals

    Tully’s out regius royals26 dagen geleden

    Ima 3rd this. 💯not allelic. Im looking at a phantom mojave GHI right now. You cant hit 3 genes that occurs on the same allele. (gene each parent and thats your lot)

  78. Accented Scales

    Accented Scales26 dagen geleden

    They are not

  79. Joe & Jodi Rasmussen Rasmussen Reptiles

    Joe & Jodi Rasmussen Rasmussen Reptiles26 dagen geleden

    Your right. They are absolutely not allelic.

  80. Kosijustpiedyou

    Kosijustpiedyou26 dagen geleden

    Thx for explaining

  81. jessenotdiaz

    jessenotdiaz26 dagen geleden

    Your black eyed luci retic is absolutely gorgeous!, cant wait to eventually get one…except maybe a dwarf lol if i breed a super pastel lesser 50% het for pied with an albino black pastel, will the codominant pastels form some type of super albino black pastel ??

  82. Loot Nerds

    Loot Nerds26 dagen geleden

    Damn bro the odds gods are with you!

  83. Autumn Bee

    Autumn Bee26 dagen geleden

    Please add in egg collecting and cutting every day please!!!!! I miss it! And putting eggs and python eggs🎤🎶

  84. Deborah Allen

    Deborah Allen26 dagen geleden

    Thank you for showing us the egg cutting. Can't wait to see the babys.

  85. Jackson Rodriguez

    Jackson Rodriguez24 dagen geleden

    Hello Deborah

  86. Brian Hopkins

    Brian Hopkins26 dagen geleden

    Hi Brian

  87. Hoptoit

    Hoptoit26 dagen geleden

    Those babies are amazing. Can’t wait to see them out of the eggs, especially that tiny one.

  88. GoldieBowTie OBS 89

    GoldieBowTie OBS 8926 dagen geleden

    Good to see Bruce back I do enjoy Jay and Mike they are funny

  89. Jackson Rodriguez

    Jackson Rodriguez24 dagen geleden


  90. skyedebbie

    skyedebbie26 dagen geleden

    Brian, I have no idea what you said about the DNA stuff. I just know they are all beautiful. I enjoyed your discussion about luesistic I just don’t understand what you said. I’m a visual learner. So if you had a chart I probably would get it. I enjoy all your videos.

  91. Mel Hawk

    Mel Hawk8 dagen geleden

    For the truly curious, World Of Ball Pythons is a VERY visual website and app that will teach you a bunch. And if you're a true snake person, make you drool and plan a breeding program so you can lay your grubby paws on some of the morphs they show, lol!

  92. Jay Michael Grammatico

    Jay Michael Grammatico26 dagen geleden

    Nice Brian !!!

  93. Nutcaise1980

    Nutcaise198026 dagen geleden

    I love egg cutting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. morph mechanics

    morph mechanics26 dagen geleden

    GHI and Mojave are not allelic HGW and Russo are not allelic Bad information.

  95. Michelle Morningstar

    Michelle Morningstar26 dagen geleden

    Hello Brian Wow What An Epic Clutch Of Eggs Sweet...another great vlog thanks so much ..

  96. Willow Ehrich

    Willow Ehrich26 dagen geleden

    Since when is Ghi allelic with mojave and other BEL complex genes?

  97. Willow Ehrich

    Willow Ehrich26 dagen geleden

    Also, when is HGW allelic with russo and other BEL complex genes??

  98. Hannah Ricker

    Hannah Ricker26 dagen geleden

    I can almost guarentee theres gonna be a ball python in each of those eggs

  99. pexy ψ

    pexy ψ26 dagen geleden

    I wanna get a ball python but I don't know were should I any ideas?

  100. john filak

    john filak26 dagen geleden

    We need more input

  101. Joanna Bolam

    Joanna Bolam26 dagen geleden

    Hey Brian. I’ve got to be honest with you, but I am not good enough a the gene guessing & I’m still at the stage of ‘ that’s a banana something snake’ lol 😂 I do love the way you say Banana Moharby with your American accent though 😂

  102. Horiana Haturini

    Horiana Haturini26 dagen geleden

    That super ghi is amazing

  103. A Wahl

    A Wahl26 dagen geleden

    You really need to start showing when they pop out.


    KRYPTONIAN REPTILES26 dagen geleden

    Ghi is not part of the bel complex. It's not allelic to mojave

  105. Alex Hamann

    Alex Hamann26 dagen geleden

    1. Banana ghi 2. Ghi Mojave Banana 3. Ghi Mojave Banana 4. Ghi Mojave Banana 5. Regular Mojave 6. Banana SUPER ghi 7. Super ghi Final Answer! (*EDIT* DAMN 100% what do i win?)

  106. Jc Zamora

    Jc Zamora27 dagen geleden

    Sorry got a little confused. Is GHI and Mojave really allelic? Cause I've seen a few super GHI mojave and GHI BEL that are being sold on ball python markets. And i believe you can't have 3 genes in the same complex on 1 animal. Hope you could shed some light on this. Awesome clutch by the way.

  107. Jc Zamora

    Jc Zamora25 dagen geleden

    @MsOnly1Truth i did some googling my self and went down the rabbit hole. Even the soul sucker got a few debates whether it’s allelic or not. Kevin from nerd explained it on one vid but still can’t understand it

  108. MsOnly1Truth

    MsOnly1Truth25 dagen geleden

    I got confused when he said they were allelic, too! Granted, I'm not always on top of things with remembering what genes are allelic, but I just went on a googling spree and found a good page that lists all of the allelic combos (none of which are GHI and mojave):

  109. Tony

    Tony27 dagen geleden

    This is why I like the egg cutting and we don't get enough of it! I hope you show those babies when they come out of the shell so we can really see how beautiful they are? Please show more egg cutting!

  110. Andrew Uw76

    Andrew Uw7627 dagen geleden

    Banana Super GHI

  111. Lynne Martin

    Lynne Martin27 dagen geleden

    Gorgeous snakes. Love Casper. That wee green fella is amazing.

  112. Jackson Rodriguez

    Jackson Rodriguez24 dagen geleden

    Hello Lynne

  113. Jennifer H

    Jennifer H27 dagen geleden

    Can’t wait to see them out and cleaned up!

  114. Nico Nico

    Nico Nico27 dagen geleden

    I cant wait to see the babies!!!

  115. DJG208

    DJG20827 dagen geleden

    OMG!!! I guessed 2 in a row

  116. nikki gotra

    nikki gotra27 dagen geleden

    I think that 1st egg might be another set of twins....

  117. NatureECool

    NatureECool27 dagen geleden

    Me: What type of ball python morph is that? Brian: So this is actually a bananna pinstripe mojave cupcake elucid deramer, commonly mistaken with the rare pumpkin hollow mosad bannana pinstripe mojave cupcake elucid deramer.

  118. Jayden Hammock

    Jayden Hammock26 dagen geleden

    I thought is was an actual morph lol 😂

  119. Kosijustpiedyou

    Kosijustpiedyou26 dagen geleden

    Lol cupcake! 😆that would be so good

  120. willard Buchanan

    willard Buchanan27 dagen geleden

    Hey Brian I just came across an old video I didn't know you had a friend named Ryan bit by a black mamba that was fatal I'm sorry to hear that

  121. Iso Prep

    Iso Prep27 dagen geleden

    What makes the blue Eyed Leucistic python

  122. Iso Prep

    Iso Prep27 dagen geleden

    Last egg Super

  123. Chris Vaga

    Chris Vaga27 dagen geleden

    Ghi mojave IS NOT an allelic combo!!!! Wtf??? You can deff get normals from a Ghi mojave parent.

  124. FutureReptariumEmployee

    FutureReptariumEmployee27 dagen geleden

    Have a great Saturday Brian and crew !! 🥰🥰

  125. Troy Meyers

    Troy Meyers27 dagen geleden

    Ghi and Mojave are not allelic.

  126. Monster jam universe

    Monster jam universe27 dagen geleden

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