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Brian Barczyk


  1. Brian Barczyk

    Brian BarczykMaand geleden

    Good Morning Reptile Army! Hope your days are amazing.. What an incredible time at Ohio Fish Rescue! Follow them and show them some love! We will be visiting more aquariums over the coming months trying to really learn as much as possible as we work on our expansion! I will always be a reptile guy, but I am so excited about the expansion into fish! I just think they go together perfect and I think its a huge win for both having one place where people can enjoy both hobbies! And swimming with these giant fish was so insane! Hope you all enjoyed it! Please join the Reptile Army today at www.ReptileArmy,com your support means the world to me! See you all tomorrow! Love you! Brian

  2. Wyatt Games

    Wyatt Games24 dagen geleden

    Pls don’t get sting ray you will be in a Steve Irwin

  3. mitmif 55

    mitmif 55Maand geleden

    R u from poland???

  4. Red Peanut

    Red PeanutMaand geleden

    get a axolotl

  5. WarriorWise1

    WarriorWise1Maand geleden

    Are you going to have some octopuses Brian?

  6. Thomas Meade

    Thomas MeadeMaand geleden

    You should check out predatory fins

  7. Hobby Bugs

    Hobby Bugs6 dagen geleden

    Ive swum in a bigger predator fish "tank"

  8. Nick

    Nick13 dagen geleden

    I think this may be the first human being to have mullet extensions

  9. vincent r

    vincent r13 dagen geleden

    all natural

  10. Reynard Ksatria buana

    Reynard Ksatria buana14 dagen geleden

    3:04 the fly river turtle or in indonesia is kura kura moncong babi is a protected species

  11. Thierry Shungu

    Thierry Shungu15 dagen geleden

    Brian so hot damn!🥵

  12. L-Tuned Is300

    L-Tuned Is30015 dagen geleden

    Please so not keep turtles and plecos together as the plecos can suck on the turtles shells and damaged them. Also if bitten and ingested Plecos and also most goldfish contain Thiaminase which is a toxin to turtles. With that said amazing video 🤘

  13. Tammie Weiss

    Tammie Weiss19 dagen geleden

    The place was incredible! I’m definitely going to check out their channel! So great that Lori got fish😀😀

  14. Misty Hill

    Misty Hill20 dagen geleden

    Buttercup... she a big yellow thing you can hold under your chin..... :)

  15. StormCaller5

    StormCaller524 dagen geleden

    OFR, deserve all the love and then some. Their hearts are so big, the 58,000 can't even hold it all! ❤ you OFR

  16. Hooligan Fun Netty

    Hooligan Fun Netty25 dagen geleden

    Dang I've been busy so behind on the vlog. I just love Rich & his family. They have done some amazing, sweet, kind, life saving rescues. Plus given quality of life to unfortunate fish😇🥰💛

  17. stephanie englund

    stephanie englund25 dagen geleden

    the pool looks really nice it’s too see fish like that it feels like we all people are right in their fish are amazing and beautiful turtle thing was way cool and seeing of the fish in tanks as well the world is all crazy but you all make it so much easier with your guys pets and egg cutting much more than that keep safe you used to unboxing mail and open mail that was fun too i wish my daughter and i meet you all one day and all ur pets they are very happy

  18. 리

    26 dagen geleden

    Why disturb the fish like that..

  19. 리

    26 dagen geleden

    Please do not make a touch tank

  20. Rik Yannieh

    Rik Yannieh26 dagen geleden

    Two great tastes that go great together. Wonderful collaboration

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    ilyshiv26 dagen geleden

    I watched you since 2018 when you had like 200k

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    Leylah Johnston26 dagen geleden

    Its so pretty!!

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    dayman 198027 dagen geleden

    The ultimate DIY collab!

  24. Tina Lee

    Tina Lee27 dagen geleden

    Yeah it's absolutely gorgeous I have to say myself,😲 I'm in awe, and I'm sure in person it's even more awesome 🥰💕!!!

  25. Tina Lee

    Tina Lee27 dagen geleden

    That's what my husband had many years ago, a huge tank with cichlids, all colors and they're just absolutely beautiful. AND their brackish, so they're not as hard as saltwater and they're not fresh water, so it's really an easy tank to care for. AND you get all them beautiful colors 🥰🐠.

  26. Malaysia DOG Training

    Malaysia DOG Training28 dagen geleden

    One of the best video!

  27. william amely

    william amely28 dagen geleden

    I'm glad you got to see, and swim in that giant, 58000 gallon fish pool. The Ohio Fish Rescue is an awesome place to see on their channel. If one wants a personal tour, you'll need to contact Big Rich to make it happen.

  28. heather landskron

    heather landskron29 dagen geleden

    great video!! hi brian!! have a good day and afternoon. i hope all is well.

  29. Robin Tramell

    Robin Tramell29 dagen geleden

    That was soooo cool.... smiling the whole video .... you made my morning better I was not feeling good but you brighten my day up... thank you.... can not wait for the aquarium....also I wear my reptile army hat everyday I absolutely love it.

  30. John Johnson

    John Johnson29 dagen geleden

    That's awesome Brian I can't wait to see how your aquarium turns out

  31. Matt Slaikeu

    Matt Slaikeu29 dagen geleden

    Man love seein the vlog with one of the other guys I watch regularly. It is such a cool place. It was awesome seeing the excitement in lori’s face when you talking about aquarium build. Have great day

  32. Joshua Nasser

    Joshua Nasser29 dagen geleden

    you need to acklamate the fish before they go in the pond or fish tank

  33. Joshua Nasser

    Joshua Nasser29 dagen geleden

    you should do a salt water fish tank

  34. Alice Mazzucco

    Alice Mazzucco29 dagen geleden

    Those are some beautiful fish,but my favorite favorite fish is the dog fish I love them they really do look like a dog face. But he has some beautiful amazing fish love the long tank that so pretty

  35. Kedrick Tillman

    Kedrick Tillman29 dagen geleden

    I like that african chichlid tank

  36. the toasted toast toasty

    the toasted toast toasty29 dagen geleden

    2:45 I cracked up in this turtle

  37. Lauren Tate

    Lauren TateMaand geleden

    Y’all should let tanked do y’all aquarium and film it there amazing

  38. Jessi

    JessiMaand geleden

    Rich and Josh are so amazing! They care so much about all the fish and getting them appropriate homes #teamtracy

  39. Put's Ponds

    Put's PondsMaand geleden

    Glad to see Big Rich is using the pizza ovens I brought down to him

  40. Npenns

    NpennsMaand geleden

    💓💓💓Water is so refreshing and liberating

  41. Nathaniel Shipp

    Nathaniel ShippMaand geleden

    Brain is so cool

  42. Dan Angelucci

    Dan AngelucciMaand geleden

    Brother, you do lead the life! Wow!!!

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    John AgenMaand geleden

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    TSGWOLF ッ鉛ッMaand geleden

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  45. Red Peanut

    Red PeanutMaand geleden

    you should get a axolotl

  46. Sonia Yancy

    Sonia YancyMaand geleden

    This place looks AWESOME 😍😍😍😍😍Nice fish for the pond...the Lizard will have to swim elsewhere 🤣🤣🤣❤.

  47. Eva Tudino

    Eva TudinoMaand geleden

    Brian and Lori you made my day going to Ohio fish rescue I love big Rick and Josh really glad you got to go to Ohio fish rescue I was so pleased to see you and Lori there and I'm so glad you guys enjoyed it hope you go again sometime love the video thank you

  48. Gameroo_ YT

    Gameroo_ YTMaand geleden

    ur not even famous and u put 20adds on

  49. Michael Hagen

    Michael HagenMaand geleden

    Dog face puffer, fu Manchu lionfish, blue and green mandarin dragonet. I truly believe would be huge hits for zoo when you get ready.

  50. Michael Hagen

    Michael HagenMaand geleden

    Hay Bob you thought you had some weird eye check out the new fish. I don't want the eyes but I'm really jealous of that hair it has. lol

  51. stuff stuff

    stuff stuffMaand geleden

    It the rarest fish a briarin🤣

  52. H Lambert

    H LambertMaand geleden

    When my fav snake guy and gal go to my fav fish guys!!! Amazing video of Ohio fish rescue you took! Cheers from Canada 🇨🇦

  53. Karen Ziglar

    Karen ZiglarMaand geleden

    The aquariums are beautiful! I love to relax and just watch the fish. If you have never visited the Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, you should. It is amazing!

  54. Karen Ziglar

    Karen ZiglarMaand geleden

    I love this! It would be fun to swim with the fish!

  55. Dawne Sims

    Dawne SimsMaand geleden

    Will Slinky try to eat those Koi? 😳 That dude has the longest mullet ever! 😂

  56. Cynthia L Bell

    Cynthia L BellMaand geleden

    Hi Brian Loved those swimming trunks😃That Ohio Fish Rescue was so awesome. He has such amazing collection. It was nice to see Lori so excited, and laughing, and smiling. The fish were so beautiful, and the colors were so bright. What a nice surprise getting some beautiful fish for your pond. And a suprise getting pushed into the water. I know you left with so many good ideas for your new expansion. Cindy 🐟🐠

  57. Patricia Brown

    Patricia BrownMaand geleden

    I think I missed the build video on the pond.

  58. Devon Sampara

    Devon SamparaMaand geleden

    Cuttle fish??

  59. Autumn Bee

    Autumn BeeMaand geleden

    Unfortunate what happened to tracy big rich's partner

  60. Autumn Bee

    Autumn BeeMaand geleden

    Hi guys I saw a sneak peak the other day that you were there!!! Thanks for the great content even tho I miss egg collecting and cutting

  61. Christopher Finn

    Christopher FinnMaand geleden

    They can name the new place Reptarium Plus +

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    Sheila BMaand geleden

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    Christopher FinnMaand geleden

    Business in the front! Party in the back!

  64. Halie Drouin

    Halie DrouinMaand geleden

    I love this two of my favorite youtubers in one video. I bet you had a blast at Ohio fish rescue I would die to go visit there and see the reptarium

  65. Kim Jong-un

    Kim Jong-unMaand geleden

    I've got a zipline in my backyard as well. It goes over my crocodile pond, where my enemies are devou-err...swimming. I also have my own swimming pool in the shape of my face, and a poolside McDonald's.

  66. Avery the Cuban-American

    Avery the Cuban-AmericanMaand geleden

    Cheese warmers, pizza ovens, hot dog grill, zipline, 58K predator tank you can swim in, a tank featured on Tanked, so many awesome and beautiful creatures from cichlids to Fly River turtle.... this place is heaven in and out. And yes, your backyard should definitely be like that. TREAT YO SELF!


    WWE FIGURE LEGACYMaand geleden

    Hey Brian I need help I recently got a ball python I don't know what would be good to feed it any ideas

  68. Dionne Mosier

    Dionne MosierMaand geleden

    One of my favorite vlogs yet! I can't wait to see what's incorporated in the aquarium expansion, and I'm hoping to save enough money to make the trip with my son from Georgia to see it once it's complete. It was nice to see Lori with you on this trip, and to see her excitement when discussing what fish can be incorporated into your aquarium.

  69. Bill h

    Bill hMaand geleden

    Good evening Brian. I just wanted to say that was amazing. I truly hope you reach your dream. That would be amazing having that at the reptarrium

  70. Clarky

    ClarkyMaand geleden

    How did rich manage to get 2 tanks that were made on the show tanked specially the two 20ft tanks? Also how are the chameleons gettin on r the still in quarantine can't wait to see an update on them.

  71. Pamela noirot

    Pamela noirotMaand geleden

    The only thing is a big tank weighs a ton and a bunch of them will be overwhelming

  72. Tracie and the crazy turtle

    Tracie and the crazy turtleMaand geleden

    Fly river turtles are amazing 🥰

  73. Jason Irelan

    Jason IrelanMaand geleden

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  74. BloodyScales

    BloodyScalesMaand geleden

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  75. Jason Irelan

    Jason IrelanMaand geleden

    @BloodyScales Having no shirt on like that

  76. BloodyScales

    BloodyScalesMaand geleden

    And what would that be?

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    DSATvMaand geleden

    This vlog was amazing!!! 🤟🏼

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    john farineMaand geleden

    great video,something new and different......first time i saw Lori smile and happy in 5 years lol

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    Renee ParkerMaand geleden

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  80. Offensively Right

    Offensively RightMaand geleden

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  81. Mason Kleist

    Mason KleistMaand geleden

    Oof, Brian don’t be surprised if those Koi die, typically you’re supposed to acclimate them to a new water source slowly not just sorta toss them in 😬😬

  82. Mason Kleist

    Mason KleistMaand geleden

    @noblelement looks like he just threw them in there since that’s what he said he did lol

  83. noblelement

    noblelementMaand geleden

    If you look at the clip closely, you can see what looks like a drip acclimation set up. :)

  84. EuroVW Dubway

    EuroVW DubwayMaand geleden

    Why are mullets a thing... -_-

  85. Blue Vandal

    Blue VandalMaand geleden

    I liked watching you outside of the shop! Maybe you should go visit other types of animals and educate us and play!

  86. Jamie Breez

    Jamie BreezMaand geleden


  87. Lori W

    Lori WMaand geleden

    I really enjoyed watching Lori in this video. She is genuinely excited about all the “fish stuff”. That’s great!! Brian……watch for raccoon and other predators regarding the Koi. They’re really exposed out there. Large birds of prey will get them too.

  88. Tim2000

    Tim2000Maand geleden

    I don't think I'd go larger than a 55 gallon tank in my house. I already have 3 cats, a small tank with 3 guppies/platies, and a corn snake.

  89. NiChole Gallo

    NiChole GalloMaand geleden

    My dad was sword tail breeder and it surely is fascinating.

  90. Ian Parkinson

    Ian ParkinsonMaand geleden

    Morning Brian the expansion is going to be awesome cheers from down under everyone 🦘🦘🦎

  91. Greg Norman

    Greg NormanMaand geleden

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  92. Joanna Bolam

    Joanna BolamMaand geleden

    Hey Brian. I’m with Lori & the polka dot fresh water rays. I did suggest to you months ago that your fish room should have an entire wall of fish tank. You need a very magnifying glass tank. Marine fish are much more difficult to keep & you will need a back up generator. I’m looking forward to you getting fish as I’m really keen on them.

  93. My Lovable Pets

    My Lovable PetsMaand geleden

    HAHA I hope those fish in your pond survive the shock! Your supposed to float them Brian :P They have to slowly get used to the new water and temps so putting them in a bag with water and air and floating them in the pond for 20 minutes is best then releasing them

  94. BloodyScales

    BloodyScalesMaand geleden

    They did. He just didn't add it to the vlog, because people will complain that its boring.

  95. Luke Morgan

    Luke MorganMaand geleden

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    Melissa CollinsMaand geleden

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    Sean SlevinMaand geleden

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    WWE FIGURE LEGACYMaand geleden

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    Darren WadeMaand geleden

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  100. chitterman 1983

    chitterman 1983Maand geleden

    Good morning i hope while you was there that your good vibes helped them and Tracey she is an amazing women and i thunk yours and loris good vibes help hral the air and space around her so she can get better

  101. Dominick Gagne'

    Dominick Gagne'Maand geleden

    it may not happen but if you want a truly amazing fish place go to predatory fins in Florida my fellow Michigander.

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    Duyvenbode USVMaand geleden

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    Allison BarryMaand geleden

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    Claires Animal World!Maand geleden

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  105. BloodyScales

    BloodyScalesMaand geleden

    Immediately, whatever heat source you have shut it off, until you figure out the problem. What are you using for the heat source. Also, what is your room temp in your house.

  106. Koala Meyer

    Koala MeyerMaand geleden

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    Kyle SmithMaand geleden

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    John O'GMaand geleden

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  110. Ohio Fish Rescue

    Ohio Fish RescueMaand geleden

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    Gaia TordrupMaand geleden

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