My Rhino Iguanas "Diddy and Dixie" are going to be parents! Dixie is full of eggs and we cannot wait for little baby Rhino Iguanas to run around. JOIN THE MOVEMENT!!

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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!


Brian Barczyk


  1. Jonah Lane

    Jonah Lane2 dagen geleden

    can you show the river turtles

  2. chellbyt

    chellbyt2 dagen geleden

    Would a orange gene not have been better as the dragonball since thry are orange balls

  3. DARK

    DARK2 dagen geleden

    When he cuts the eggs I think he is cutting the snake but it’s just a part of the egg 😂 btw 8:08 a good name for it is Oreo

  4. Lisa Jorgensen

    Lisa Jorgensen2 dagen geleden

    @BRYAN Have you ever actually cut & harmed a snake when cutting into an egg? What do you/can you do if that happens? Why not use small surgical type scissors? Just curious..... I F'ING LOVE ALL YOUR CONTENT/EDUCATION! ABSOLUTELY CAN'T WAIT FOR THE COLLAB WITH ALL THE OTHERS! JUST MISSIN' DADDY DINKLE!!

  5. rootbear99

    rootbear992 dagen geleden

    My man mike is in the vlog!

  6. Chase Brunner

    Chase Brunner3 dagen geleden

    Wow That Pumpkin Gene Is Pretty

  7. Tyson Dallas

    Tyson Dallas3 dagen geleden

    While you're at Ty Parks, see how many tegus and other exotics you find in the area.

  8. Beth Geretschlaeger

    Beth Geretschlaeger3 dagen geleden

    You guys should totally have Leopard Lori leggings made!!! I’d totally buy them!!!

  9. Chris Clegg

    Chris Clegg3 dagen geleden

    Can't wait to see you with Chandler, Tyler, Will and Kennan. Kennan has by far the coolest personal setups and between Tyler, Will, Chandler, you'll hold every venomous snake in the world lol. Can't wait! This is awesome!

  10. youtube player

    youtube player2 dagen geleden

    You mean Venomous...

  11. Retha VERSTER

    Retha VERSTER3 dagen geleden

    Yay yay baby rhino's on the way...can't wait...🙋‍♀️

  12. The truth hurts

    The truth hurts3 dagen geleden

    I am most exited for the collabs with Tyler Nolan, Will Nays and Chandler's Wildlife. You should also do a Collab with Florida's Wildlife. 👍

  13. Stephanie Englund

    Stephanie Englund3 dagen geleden

    Hi Too Everyone and all animals Love Alaska

  14. Leif Towne

    Leif Towne3 dagen geleden

    You missed an egg she had five eggs not four it’s way in the back

  15. Cristian Rivera

    Cristian Rivera3 dagen geleden

    zwf wildlife

  16. Kacey Christy

    Kacey Christy3 dagen geleden

    You missed a 5th egg!

  17. Kacey Christy

    Kacey Christy3 dagen geleden

    There was another egg in the back of her bin!

  18. steve O

    steve O3 dagen geleden

    I live about 40 minutes from Brian’s repatarium I should make a visit when he gets back from his vacation.

  19. Harshali Saini

    Harshali Saini4 dagen geleden

  20. steve ingwer

    steve ingwer4 dagen geleden

    The pumpkin gene mixed with the lori leapord could be interesting

  21. Jake Mcdaniel

    Jake Mcdaniel4 dagen geleden

    Can’t wait to see you Tyler and chandler

  22. Anna L

    Anna L4 dagen geleden

    Is it possible to make a super Lori monsoon? If so it wood be epic!

  23. Jessee Lisa Beatty

    Jessee Lisa Beatty4 dagen geleden

    Go see robby and z dog at get swamped channel. He lives down there. He has tons ofgators cool dude. And hes got lemnurs

  24. jinjin0135

    jinjin01354 dagen geleden

    Omg baby Diddy and Dixies?! I CANT WAIT! Please wear ur masks indoors traveling everywhere. Stay safe!


    KRYSTAL KERNS4 dagen geleden

    Paul cuffaro


    KRYSTAL KERNS4 dagen geleden

    Lol that was the day I went there but after this vid


    KRYSTAL KERNS4 dagen geleden

    I have been to the reptariam

  28. Amber Smith

    Amber Smith4 dagen geleden

    Can't wait to catch up with the videos. Love gatorland. Tell them I said hi. Can't wait to go back.

  29. Nico Contreras

    Nico Contreras4 dagen geleden

    Oh I didn´t know this kind of iguana.

  30. Elizabeth B

    Elizabeth B4 dagen geleden

    Around 3:10 does that little girl who looks to be 7+yr have a Damn pacifier in her mouth?

  31. SharpShooterWolf

    SharpShooterWolf4 dagen geleden

    Can’t wait to visit for the first time

  32. Angela Wagner

    Angela Wagner4 dagen geleden

    Love the Super - Lori - Leopards So pretty

  33. BAnn Laughlin

    BAnn Laughlin4 dagen geleden

    Lol Elvis was hungry

  34. Ashley Arismendy

    Ashley Arismendy4 dagen geleden

    For sure so excited for Tyler Nolan and OMGGGGG CHandlers wild life I BEEN WATING FOR THIS YESSSS

  35. Chris Clegg

    Chris Clegg4 dagen geleden

    I know you're supposed to visit Tyler but his rhino iguana laid a dud. Maybe you can help him and give him some pointers. You two are my favorite channels.

  36. Danielle Dolhon

    Danielle Dolhon4 dagen geleden

    Got a shirt from the army today for my birthday!!! Best gift everrrrr!

  37. Summer N

    Summer N4 dagen geleden

    I’m most excited for the collabs with Tyler, Chandler and Kenan.

  38. young december army ant 88

    young december army ant 885 dagen geleden

    Big Tom Crutchfield and the new iguanas

  39. WolvZor1930

    WolvZor19305 dagen geleden

    Chandler and kenan for sure! Epicness

  40. Rose Dejernett

    Rose Dejernett5 dagen geleden

    I hope no one would poison the fish that were brought in and that was feed to Elvis. It makes me nervous

  41. Shaleigh Angelfall

    Shaleigh Angelfall5 dagen geleden

    U missed one egg in the back of the cage for the snake

  42. Lydia Lukes

    Lydia Lukes5 dagen geleden

    The cinni pumpkin should be called pumpkin spice.

  43. NiChole Gallo

    NiChole Gallo5 dagen geleden

    I’m excited to see some cute mammals lol

  44. Peggy Lowery

    Peggy Lowery5 dagen geleden

    Have a great day. Love you guys.

  45. Gary Winthrop

    Gary Winthrop5 dagen geleden

    You have to see kamp kenen wow can’t wait for this all my favorite Chanel’s coming together

  46. Jillian YantzBoss

    Jillian YantzBoss5 dagen geleden

    Chanler and Tyler omg can't wait to see that video. You should do a shirt with all the genetics of balls and how they all are created or recessive

  47. Lois Jones

    Lois Jones5 dagen geleden

    Awesome news about Diddy and Dixie. 🎉 Can't wait to see video of you with Chandler and Tyler. And the rest of the clan. 😁

  48. Michael Fazio

    Michael Fazio5 dagen geleden

    Is the Pumpkin related to Orange Dream at all?

  49. Kimberly Laws

    Kimberly Laws5 dagen geleden

    I have one but it needs to grow it’s still a baby

  50. David Vecchi

    David Vecchi5 dagen geleden

    You should try to find some wild animals in Florida just don’t take them back with you unless they are invasive

  51. Ryan Sparks

    Ryan Sparks5 dagen geleden

    Super excited to see you and Tyler Nolan collaborating.

  52. Trai Kocik

    Trai Kocik5 dagen geleden

    Your surname is similar to polish surnames. So are your parents or maybe you polish origin?

  53. John Biggs

    John Biggs5 dagen geleden

    Wild caught fish? Is that even 100% a good idea I mean the risk of parasites and possible pollutants, idk but it's your show so roll with it.

  54. Robs reviews and demos

    Robs reviews and demos5 dagen geleden

    i'm surprised you bring the sloth around so many people, I'd be worried they'd bring a disease in that their pets have.

  55. Tasha Martinez

    Tasha Martinez5 dagen geleden

    Theres an egg still in the ban she laid 5 eggs not 4

  56. Barbara Phillips

    Barbara Phillips5 dagen geleden

    Hi Brian I love all your videos! When your rhino iguanas lay their eggs what is the asking price for a baby please let me know here in Canada I've been all over looking for one and no one has any Rhino iguanas so I would greatly appreciate if you could get back to Brian

  57. Philip Chea

    Philip Chea5 dagen geleden

    When u go to the trip can you Post in your Channel

  58. Zach J.

    Zach J.5 dagen geleden


  59. Zach J.

    Zach J.5 dagen geleden

    Chandlers wildlife!!!!!!.... go swimming in his pond

  60. Zach J.

    Zach J.5 dagen geleden

    Love the “ punkin” gene 🧬

  61. Ilaina Meisler

    Ilaina Meisler5 dagen geleden

    I love your channel but you have to stop moving action camera when showing babies. Can’t see the snake because camera moves so much. Fine for a commercial or action if you actually want to see the animal

  62. Derek Davis

    Derek Davis5 dagen geleden

    And their doing it...

  63. Michael Marshall

    Michael Marshall5 dagen geleden

    Love it but is no one gonna talm about how he used a pic of a real human ultrasound?

  64. Ollie Hunt

    Ollie Hunt4 dagen geleden

    A bit odd yes. But better for a thumbnail than the ultrasound of a few eggs

  65. Zach J.

    Zach J.5 dagen geleden

    That was some good click bait lol, I love their little horns!!

  66. Emma UnU

    Emma UnU5 dagen geleden

    it so cute

  67. Ashey Eakin

    Ashey Eakin5 dagen geleden

    I'm super curious what a Pastave would look like with the Pumpkin. Pastave orange dream is my dream morph but with the amount of orange the pumpkin puts in there, I think it would look stellar.

  68. moka chobi

    moka chobi5 dagen geleden

    Tyler and Chandler!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kamp Kennan??????????

  69. Marlo O

    Marlo O5 dagen geleden

    I already watched u on Gatorland vlogs with Savanna and i also watch Tyler Nolan on youtube so hope u have a great time and hope to see u on his and then yours !

  70. Josh Sears

    Josh Sears5 dagen geleden

    Bryan are you ok. You just seemed off in this video. I’m not talking shit. Your literally the start and main reason I’ve started getting thru my anxiety. Ive been watching for a few years now. But something seemed off. Great video. Just even looking at your eyes didn’t seem your normal self. Anyways hope all is well with you the family and lil one on the way. Thanks for all the positivity you bring into the world.

  71. TR1LL OG

    TR1LL OG5 dagen geleden

    That red head feeding Lucy was a cutie! 😍😍

  72. Julie C

    Julie C5 dagen geleden

    You should go to the aquarium in Atlanta I believe it has the largest indoor tank in the United States

  73. Kind heaRt Rabbity

    Kind heaRt Rabbity5 dagen geleden

    I'm subscribed to almost all of the channels you just mentioned

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    Jerric Wu5 dagen geleden

    I want to see all of them

  75. tj mede

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    Should have set up a meet in greet in Florida

  76. Dustin Perry

    Dustin Perry5 dagen geleden

    Brian u should have Tyler drill a new tattoo and I know time is not unlimited and he could come up with something

  77. Cynthia L Bell

    Cynthia L Bell5 dagen geleden

    Hi Brian So happy for Ditty, and Dixie. Wow is was interesting to see Elvis swallow that whole fish. That pumpkin clutch was so pretty. The Lori python was so pretty. 🐊🦎🐍🐢❤️ Cindy

  78. AmAyANiQuOlE

    AmAyANiQuOlE5 dagen geleden

    Really enjoying all of the colubrid love😍. But as always enjoyed the whole video.

  79. Brenda Shadley Shadley

    Brenda Shadley Shadley5 dagen geleden

    All but not Tyler 👎

  80. Rashelle Mccarthy

    Rashelle Mccarthy5 dagen geleden

    I love elvis

  81. Anthony Morgan

    Anthony Morgan5 dagen geleden

    i'm very interested to see what you do with Chandler and Tyler Nolan you with Venomous Snakes should be awesome to see.

  82. Jimmy Burch

    Jimmy Burch5 dagen geleden

    come by Repticon Orlando Sunday

  83. kdogg 89

    kdogg 895 dagen geleden

    You should go diving with tyler! Do some underwater hunting/exploring!


    GST FOR LIfE FOOLS GST5 dagen geleden


  85. Bomber Friends World

    Bomber Friends World5 dagen geleden

  86. shvonne marie

    shvonne marie5 dagen geleden

    Super excited for a segment with Tyler Nolan!! I would love to see you guys mess with his beautiful venomous collection 🤩

  87. Danielle S

    Danielle S5 dagen geleden

    Definitely excited to see you hang out with Tyler, Chandler, Blake, Paul and Gatorland!!

  88. Shirley J

    Shirley J5 dagen geleden

    Hey Brian(aka awesome snake man 🐍) Repterium Family & Reptile Army. How all is doing well. I big animal lover Me & Sister got to visit the Repterium today we drove all the way from Illinois. I have autoimmune disease that keep me in house majority of the time & finally able to visit. It was worth the drive totally awesome!!!! The staff were amazing, patient & sweet. All stars ⭐️ Gotten to hold all my favorites Perdida big sweet baby, Salt pretty in white ,Al old mellow, lil cutie pie anaconda, tarantula. Feed bowser & little cute gater pooties. See IVy in all her greatness & Evis was a sleepy head & see belle & Dixie congrats girl & diddie ,night fury beautiful,pickles sassy green boa & drogo the chill sloth. It was great. Even-though I didn’t get meet Brian & Lora is was still awesome next time I come hope to meet y’all there. Special shout out to small sweet woman she was crew I’m sorry I didn’t get your name but she one who had the monitor & tarantula said my red nails was pretty she was sooo sweet. I did get meet some of famous all stars from blog Beth she is soooo sweet & helpful make us laugh & Jay the entertainer was in the building he was nice, funny & big help. Keep doing what you all are doing & building. You inspire so many generations from all walks of backgrounds and bring them together with animals. The world need animals in & it blessed to have people like y’all in it! Instagram pictures be up soon .Everyone Stay Safe Happy & Healthy And Just Be You

  89. Heidi Oehmigen

    Heidi Oehmigen5 dagen geleden

    Tyler and Chandler are a must for sure...actually your hitting all the greats can't wait to see the vlogs

  90. Livin Tha Life

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    Get swamped is in flordia

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    JenJenAnimal&MusicLver5 dagen geleden

    I love Rhino Iguanas now we have babies omg all my dreams just came true

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    How does a lizardo has a human baby

  95. Sunnyy✨🌺Tyme

    Sunnyy✨🌺Tyme5 dagen geleden

    👍💞 Chandler, Tylor Nolan, Jay Prehistoric, Dingo, Chris Sweet, and you, Brian, are my FAVORITES.👍💞🌸🍀🍄🌿 I can't wait to see you with Tylor and Chandler together ! I learned from the 6 of you soooo much...even helped me get over my fear of snakes !!! Thnx guys👍👍👍👍👍👍🌸💖

  96. skyedebbie

    skyedebbie5 dagen geleden

    When you see chandler and Kenan.

  97. Dominic Cochran

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