These snakes are mind-blowing 🤯! Visiting Justin Kobylka's insane collection of Ball pythons!
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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!


Brian Barczyk


  1. Brian Barczyk

    Brian Barczyk5 dagen geleden

    Good Morning! So sorry I have been traveling and not had a chance to comment to you guys! I will try whenever I have time. We are a bit into our trip and have been filming some bangers! Can't wait to share them all with you! Still have a long way to go but its been a blast so far! obviously visiting Justins place was incredible! What an incredible place he has with some of the most insane Ball Pythons I have ever seen! Let me know what you enjoyed and what your favorite was! Hope you all have a great day Reptile Army! Miss commenting everyday, but I will as much as I can until I get back and then we will be back to normal. Join the Army! The Reptile ARMY!!! http;// love you guys! Brian

  2. Black Widow

    Black Widow2 dagen geleden

    If I was going to consult anyone about a snake, it would be you Brian.

  3. Desirée Rodríguez

    Desirée Rodríguez4 dagen geleden

    Stop calling living beings a collection!!

  4. Tiffany Cannon

    Tiffany Cannon5 dagen geleden

    I’m crying right now. I want a ball python (or 50) but we can’t have them in Australia. Justin’s place is AMAZING.

  5. Tina Lee

    Tina Lee5 dagen geleden

    Well I'll be watching this channel I've never seen this channel before? got me hooked!!! 💯💕👍

  6. Tina Lee

    Tina Lee5 dagen geleden

    Thank you Brian so much for the tour unbelievable beautiful crazy colors I'm snakes I'm in awe😮🤯🥰👍💯💕💯💯💯💕💯💯💯💕 How do you get any more beautiful , crazy patterns and colors mind-blowing 🤯👍💯💕

  7. Alex Palmer

    Alex Palmer17 uur geleden

    I dyslexically read this as the most expensive sneaker collection. I am not disappointed.

  8. Mikel

    MikelDag geleden

    I found Justin about 3 Weeks, since them i`ve watched minimum 70 videos from him. You cant stop watch his videos because the animals are outstanding and not from this world. Is there a possibility to ship animals from USA to Germany?

  9. Jamie Warmack

    Jamie WarmackDag geleden

    I love the snakes and salt and pepper

  10. Jordan Brimacomb

    Jordan BrimacombDag geleden

    Omg.those snakes are gorgeous! That's why I breed snakes lol.they are so beautiful and it is amazing to see all the different morphs

  11. A K

    A KDag geleden

    6:18 HEARTS ❤❤❤

  12. Holly Doyle

    Holly DoyleDag geleden

    have you named your beautiful ghost girl yet

  13. Sarah Allum

    Sarah Allum2 dagen geleden

    As. Beautiful as they are... What life do they have living in a trays!!!!!

  14. Rae Jay

    Rae Jay2 dagen geleden

    Wow these projects are stunning.

  15. Henna J

    Henna J2 dagen geleden

    Noah keeping it real😂

  16. stelios ioannou

    stelios ioannou2 dagen geleden

    Great collection , and what a neat and clean place!

  17. Autumn Bee

    Autumn Bee2 dagen geleden

    Ohh I love these vlogs lately so much♡♡ not so fast and just a vlog about your life!! Justin beautiful snakes and a beautiful facility esthetically! I likes his page

  18. Moshballs

    Moshballs2 dagen geleden

    So cool to see the two biggest inspirations to me in my ball python journey. I started watching Brian's videos way back in 2011 and now Justin's art 💪. Thanks for creating the market.


    SKUY KOBAM2 dagen geleden

    Gokil 🔥

  20. Max Hamory

    Max Hamory3 dagen geleden

    do you think i can buy a ball python from you

  21. Steptoe Aleesha

    Steptoe Aleesha3 dagen geleden

    Were is this at

  22. Marvin Kühne

    Marvin Kühne3 dagen geleden

    Every single one of the ball pythons he showed was absolute top level 🤯

  23. Emo Bean

    Emo Bean3 dagen geleden

    Awwww I want a pie snake

  24. Spare Phone

    Spare Phone3 dagen geleden

    Is it illegal to own a Burmese python in Michigan ?!?!

  25. Judy Llewellyn

    Judy Llewellyn3 dagen geleden

    Great snakes!

  26. the flying dutchguy

    the flying dutchguy3 dagen geleden

    how are there so many brian's and dave's in this community. its kinda crazy😅

  27. Melza Charles

    Melza Charles3 dagen geleden

    How many times did you count him saying "ball pythons"?

  28. Retha VERSTER

    Retha VERSTER3 dagen geleden

    Absolutely insane color and pattern 's ...just loving it🐍

  29. Harsha Phaneendra

    Harsha Phaneendra3 dagen geleden

    These pretty ball pythons are no less than Gaboon vipers 🔥🔥

  30. Gilbert Torres

    Gilbert Torres3 dagen geleden

    I wish one day I can go to the reptariam but I won't be able to go there ever because I live no where near there but at least I get to see what it looks like and see all his animals

  31. Austin Milligan

    Austin Milligan3 dagen geleden

    I could tell Brian was exhausted during this video haha he has no energy lol

  32. Nathan Jones

    Nathan Jones3 dagen geleden

    Dang he had some super epic snakes

  33. s0cks.

    s0cks.3 dagen geleden

    Hello! I’m thinking of getting a reptile, and I have a of list of what I would want my dream reptile to have. Can you tell me if there’s any similar reptiles?: -tail doesn’t fall off -Kinda big like a Leachie Gecko -Eats fruits and vegetables or premade food -handleable -non-nocturnal (don’t know the word lol) -doesn’t bite -has a personality And that’s it! Thanks if you respond, I love your Videos!❤️

  34. Aiden

    Aiden3 dagen geleden

    I need the chandler collab

  35. Hooligan Fun Netty

    Hooligan Fun Netty3 dagen geleden

    But are you ok? No vlog Monday/ today? Prayers 💛

  36. Hooligan Fun Netty

    Hooligan Fun Netty3 dagen geleden

    Amazing beautiful snakes😍🥰😎 Really beautiful art !

  37. Tammy Kelly

    Tammy Kelly3 dagen geleden

    I’m not a snake person but these snakes are absolutely amazing.

  38. Red 357

    Red 3573 dagen geleden

    JKR is living in the year 3000…damn

  39. BizarreGaming

    BizarreGaming3 dagen geleden

    I crack up every time i hear the names of the snake patterns, this is a strawberry short cake vanilla twinkie chocolate fudge pecan pie Issac Newton python

  40. Samuel Landman

    Samuel Landman3 dagen geleden

    Wow crazy love the bright colors


    LIVE BETTER VOTE RED!3 dagen geleden

    Them pastel pieds are gorgeous..

  42. kary ann Fontaine

    kary ann Fontaine4 dagen geleden

    Wonderful visit with Justin Kobylka at his amazing facility. The Ball Pythons are STUNNING! I will subscribe to his chanel and mention Brian.

  43. Steve Graham

    Steve Graham4 dagen geleden

    I have an albino Nelson milksnake

  44. super raar

    super raar4 dagen geleden

    this man is so happy he deserves more subscribers

  45. Andrew Lindsay

    Andrew Lindsay4 dagen geleden

    What is the ball pythons called with those big patches of no color

  46. Julie Robertson

    Julie Robertson4 dagen geleden

    I am astonished at the diversity of color both of you have uncovered over the years. To see the variety of color (and pattern) you have found in the ball python genome tells me you are both men of vision and patience. Thanks for the link to Justin's channel, Brian. Another door into a fantastic world.

  47. karly

    karly4 dagen geleden

    Sick and wowwww Noah 😂

  48. Sean Perez

    Sean Perez4 dagen geleden

    Where’s daisy

  49. m r

    m r4 dagen geleden

    Just got my first ball python. Awesome beautiful animal. I’d love to put you breeding Bastards in a rubber tote 1/4 your size for most of your life!!!

  50. Adel Zafarani

    Adel Zafarani4 dagen geleden

    I really like dirty b pythons

  51. iron shark

    iron shark4 dagen geleden

    I hate it comes down to what a beautiful animal is worth$$$$$$and their kept in file cabinets. I understand the breeding process but it just comes down to$$$$ you can't tell me those snakes are happy. Yeah the ones on display have beautiful enclosures (still a cage) while your bread and butter lives in file cabinet.. maybe I'm wrong and after breeding season they all get beautiful enclosures... And I get that there are wonderful snake owners out there but we all know how many snakes are abandoned after about a year..

  52. Matty C

    Matty C4 dagen geleden

    The pioneer hanging with the future 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

  53. Emma Lancaster

    Emma Lancaster4 dagen geleden

    So excited for this video 😍

  54. Gerry Fkno

    Gerry Fkno4 dagen geleden

    Wow that really is the pinnacle of ball python breeding. I'd be terrified to see the price tag on those animals if they're even for sale

  55. Dustin Clark

    Dustin Clark4 dagen geleden

    Did you hear that Kevin, Justin has the craziest stuff! Prove him wrong in your next NERD video.

  56. Dustin Clark

    Dustin Clark4 dagen geleden

    Brian: this facility is every ball python breeders dream! Justin's fans: yah no shit! We're all use to drooling over it in every one of his videos. 😂🤣 Justin buddy we need a tour of the whole property after seeing that swimming pool with the drone. You are an inspiration! Brian you really brought Justin out of his shell it was fun watching his excitement.

  57. edwin ortiz

    edwin ortiz4 dagen geleden

    All I see is expensive king cobra food 😂 sorry I had to our pair love ball pythons but these are stunning snakes that I def wouldn’t feed them

  58. Macaws 70

    Macaws 704 dagen geleden

    I’m sorry I have not been able to watch your amazing vids I have been caught up with school sorry

  59. Amanda'stakeonit

    Amanda'stakeonit4 dagen geleden

    I have said it so many times, I won't own a BP they just aren't snakey enough for me, BUT I LOVE their paintjobs. So I am following him now :) I hope he gets some real fans and customers. Great work Justin!

  60. scrubjay93

    scrubjay934 dagen geleden

    He's an artist with snake genes and those are the most beautiful snakes I've ever seen. Great to see someone follow their passion and have things work out well :) I can't even say my favorite; there were too many! I hope Brian brought some home!

  61. R R

    R R4 dagen geleden

    Nice collection

  62. John Agen

    John Agen4 dagen geleden

    When are people gonna start mad morphing anaconda's?

  63. Mary Rose

    Mary Rose4 dagen geleden

    I love ball pythons I have a ghost Mojave ball python he is so beautiful and calm

  64. Auburn Firelight

    Auburn Firelight4 dagen geleden

    I used to live in Atlanta. I wish I had know about JK then! Brian, you started me on the path to loving reptiles. NLpush suggested one of your videos. It was completely out of my ordinary. One video and I was hooked on your channel! After yours, I found Mutation Creations, NERD, and then JK. All of you are amazing breeders and I love the respect you all have for the animals.

  65. K8 B

    K8 B4 dagen geleden

    Amazing, living art! Wow!

  66. Grant Harp

    Grant Harp4 dagen geleden

    Justin’s stuff is insane. I got my fire yb Mojave Spotnose clown male from him. Not only is his stuff gorgeous but the quality of his animals are top notch. Y’all Stay Safe!

  67. Ciara Merrigan

    Ciara Merrigan4 dagen geleden

    So many beautiful snakes!! 🐍 made me want another one! 🤯


    JANET BAILEY4 dagen geleden

    I kinda liked all of the snakes ❤

  69. Lead Gin Dairy

    Lead Gin Dairy4 dagen geleden

    My mind was just blown from those snakes. I had no idea colors like that even existed. He is really doing an amazing job at that facility.

  70. celestia4141

    celestia41414 dagen geleden

    Wow! Those ball pythons are so beautiful!

  71. AmAyANiQuOlE

    AmAyANiQuOlE4 dagen geleden

    Just love it all 😍😍😍😍. I love watching Justin's video too.

  72. Sonia Yancy

    Sonia Yancy4 dagen geleden

    OMG THE DREAMCICLE/ Dreampied type looking one!!!!😍😍😍 LOVING THIS TOUR ALREADY!!! OMG, NEVER HEARD OF HIM TILL NOW AN SO MOT DISAPPOINTED! Bro is living in 2051! Bright beautiful Babies!!!

  73. Lexi Smith

    Lexi Smith4 dagen geleden

    Reptile super show just announced a show in August 2022 in Las Vegas!!!! Sounds like Noah needs a repeat 21st bday….

  74. totally a human

    totally a human4 dagen geleden

    I know nearly nothing about snakes but I have been learning over a few months but can someone tell me if those enclosures are small? is that just me or are they kinda small? sorry if I sound dumb

  75. Lou V44

    Lou V444 dagen geleden

    It’s crazy what he has done to ball Pythons

  76. New Forest Morphs

    New Forest Morphs4 dagen geleden

    Awesome video Bryan. So inspiring. Love to see Justin share some of his amazing combos and to see your reactions.

  77. Donald Staudt

    Donald Staudt4 dagen geleden

    Justin has such an amazing collection ,great video Brian ❤

  78. Michelle Morningstar

    Michelle Morningstar4 dagen geleden

    wow how amazing are these snakes mind blowing for sure he got one amazing place ..thanks so very much for always take us with you love it thanks again..

  79. JenJenAnimal&MusicLver

    JenJenAnimal&MusicLver4 dagen geleden

    Brian: I don’t know if I wanna see your crackin Justin:

  80. JenJenAnimal&MusicLver

    JenJenAnimal&MusicLver4 dagen geleden

    Wow Justin, that is living art!

  81. Hayley Johnson

    Hayley Johnson4 dagen geleden

    6:49.....omg! My favorite snake!!!

  82. Annie N

    Annie N4 dagen geleden

    My favorite thing said was ... just to see the beauty in whats out there. 🥰💚😇 have a BEAUTIFUL evening and thank for sharing Justin's facility 💞

  83. The Tangibles

    The Tangibles4 dagen geleden

    blown away

  84. allday everyday

    allday everyday4 dagen geleden

    Zebra stripe #reptilearmy

  85. Matthew Gursky

    Matthew Gursky4 dagen geleden

    Does cross breeding change the temperament of snakes

  86. Desirée Rodríguez

    Desirée Rodríguez4 dagen geleden

    Please stop calling living beings s collection!!

  87. bear11bear77

    bear11bear774 dagen geleden

    “Money can’t buy happiness” Me an intellectual:

  88. Shirley J

    Shirley J4 dagen geleden

    Hey Brian(aka awesome snake man 🐍) Repterium Family & Reptile Army. How all is doing well. I big animal lover Me & Sister got to visit the Repterium today we drove all the way from Illinois. I have autoimmune disease that keep me in house majority of the time & finally able to visit. It was worth the drive totally awesome!!!! The staff were amazing, patient & sweet. All stars ⭐️ Gotten to hold all my favorites Perdida big sweet baby, Salt pretty in white ,Al old mellow, lil cutie pie anaconda, tarantula. Feed bowser & little cute gater pooties. See IVy in all her greatness & Evis was a sleepy head & see belle & Dixie congrats girl & diddie ,night fury beautiful,pickles sassy green boa & drogo the chill sloth. It was great. Even-though I didn’t get meet Brian & Lora is was still awesome next time I come hope to meet y’all there. Special shout out to sweet woman tattoos Ashley she was crew but she one who had the monitor & tarantula said my red nails was pretty she was sooo sweet. I did get meet some of famous all stars from blog Beth she is soooo sweet & helpful make us laugh & Jay the entertainer was in the building he was nice, funny & big help. Keep doing what you all are doing & building. You inspire so many generations from all walks of backgrounds and bring them together with animals. The world need animals in & it blessed to have people like y’all in it! Instagram pictures be up soon .Everyone Stay Safe Happy & Healthy And Just Be You

  89. Karen Broadwater

    Karen Broadwater4 dagen geleden

    Those balls are so beautiful!!!! ❤❤❤

  90. Kam Exotics

    Kam Exotics4 dagen geleden

    Two of my favorite guys keep on keeping on

  91. Matthew Maeser

    Matthew Maeser4 dagen geleden

    Those snakes are insane!!

  92. Neeley Dev

    Neeley Dev5 dagen geleden

    Does Justin have a website

  93. Ben Powell

    Ben Powell5 dagen geleden

    JKR !!!!!

  94. 1softkiss

    1softkiss5 dagen geleden

    Brian my friend you and Justin and Kevin and Brian Gundy are definitely tops in my opinion when it comes to snake breeders and educators !! :) Brian and I go back around 15 years as great friends :) Justin I've followed for many years Brian ;( We go way back don't we my friend?

  95. Shawn Pippenger

    Shawn Pippenger5 dagen geleden

    Love his videos he has the coolest looking snakes ever!

  96. hahhicks

    hahhicks5 dagen geleden

    I like the way he was showing you the snakes on the black cart that is better than you holding them as you talk because you shake and the color doesn't show as well.

  97. Greg Davison

    Greg Davison5 dagen geleden

    Justin is a beast. I’ve seen you two in conversation before and I could listen to you two for days. Listening to top breeders is very interesting, I don’t understand everything you talk about but that doesn’t matter. Love it when you travel bud.

  98. Anne Kapsoff

    Anne Kapsoff5 dagen geleden

    His stuff is wicked

  99. Busch Komelon

    Busch Komelon5 dagen geleden

    I would like to see a pure pink new breed !

  100. Anne Kapsoff

    Anne Kapsoff5 dagen geleden

    What is the sugar morph? Red morph

  101. BloodyScales

    BloodyScales4 dagen geleden

    @Anne Kapsoff No Problem.

  102. Anne Kapsoff

    Anne Kapsoff4 dagen geleden

    Oh really? Cool. Thank you for the explanation

  103. BloodyScales

    BloodyScales5 dagen geleden

    Sugar is just another line of Calico. Some people say Sugar has higher white than Calico.

  104. John Moore

    John Moore5 dagen geleden

    Soooo beautiful

  105. Isaac Colunga

    Isaac Colunga5 dagen geleden

    Best video u posted

  106. Car3na

    Car3na5 dagen geleden

    I just died when he pulled out the kraken!!

  107. Car3na

    Car3na5 dagen geleden

    Ohmygod he has every representations of every ball python this is blowing my mind 😳🤯🥰

  108. Car3na

    Car3na5 dagen geleden

    He brightened up the dreamsical woah!!!