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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!


Brian Barczyk


  1. Brian Barczyk

    Brian Barczyk26 dagen geleden

    Good Morning Reptile Army and happy Sunday! I finally did it and got a legless lizard! They freak me out and I have always stayed away from them. In all honesty as I have been working with this one for the last few days I have started to really like it! I need a great name, so hot me in the comments to what you think we should name him! Certainly a really bizarre animal to say the least! Had a fun podcast last night, please check that out as well as show some love to the newest ABtv show we released yesterday! "The Plug" nlpush.info/net/video/nq7bmKGLprLQgrM The plug will get you up t speed on all things happening in the Reptile World! We will have a new show each week! So Sub and support please! Thanks as always! Love you guys! Brian

  2. Rick H

    Rick H20 dagen geleden

    A mate could be called Versailles?

  3. Rick H

    Rick H20 dagen geleden

    How about Buckingham ? 🏰 Cos' he's a Pallas Lizard.

  4. Dakota Tarbell

    Dakota Tarbell21 dag geleden

    You should name him windex

  5. Rachel Clark

    Rachel Clark22 dagen geleden

    @Joseph Smith then he'd be copying Snake Discoveries male legless

  6. Melissa Huebert

    Melissa Huebert24 dagen geleden

    Hello Brian, when I saw the legless lizard I immediately thought it reminded me of a baby dragon. I am a bit nerdy and love Syfy & fantasy books. In the Eragon series in the last book a green dragon hatched called “Firnen”. Being that your legless lizard reminds me of dragon, it has a green cast to it also, and it seems to install a bit of fear from it looks, just as a dragon would do I suggest “Firnen”.

  7. Ashey Eakin

    Ashey Eakin7 dagen geleden

    Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Leg-o-loss, loss of legs.. eh eh, get it? 🤣

  8. VixenSolblade

    VixenSolblade8 dagen geleden

    sgt dan

  9. Jason Sutton

    Jason Sutton10 dagen geleden

    Lt. Dan

  10. Tiffany

    Tiffany12 dagen geleden

    7:36 it's not a dad bod, it's a father figure.

  11. Thomas Giles

    Thomas Giles13 dagen geleden

    Legolas from lord of the rings Def name the new lizard that

  12. Scott Pineo

    Scott Pineo14 dagen geleden

    Name it Legolas 🧝‍♂️ . Aka Leg(o)less

  13. Padmani Singh

    Padmani Singh16 dagen geleden

    And my sister love cockroaches if you want if you have any spare my sister like cockroaches she loved them so much so if we have some spare must send it for her I live in Guyana summer scheme t. If you have spare my send some for my sister her name is purvi

  14. Padmani Singh

    Padmani Singh16 dagen geleden

    A winger or summer Or cutter or or purple

  15. TroubleMakerTara

    TroubleMakerTara16 dagen geleden


  16. Vicki Green

    Vicki Green17 dagen geleden

    I think you should name the legless lizard Glass.

  17. ave ra

    ave ra17 dagen geleden


  18. NEXX Lildrip

    NEXX Lildrip19 dagen geleden

    You should name the lizard Freddy if you haven’t named it already

  19. AiM4BlooD kris

    AiM4BlooD kris19 dagen geleden

    The Turd

  20. Louise Jones

    Louise Jones19 dagen geleden


  21. Ashley Slagle

    Ashley Slagle20 dagen geleden

    Lord Voldemort!!

  22. Kelly J

    Kelly J21 dag geleden

    Love from Mid-Michigan! Our library does Science Alive every summer for the summer ready program. We just saw legless lizards again. They brought them a few years ago. They really aren't much like snakes at all lol. Can't wait to get down to the Reptarium soon!

  23. Andrew Nelson

    Andrew Nelson21 dag geleden

    WOW! I think it was the black pewter cypress ball python (more orange one) was beautiful! I wonder how much that would cost

  24. Crystal Bainbridge

    Crystal Bainbridge21 dag geleden

    Hey this is Crystal from Australia he is awesome. I'm always watching👍 love you guy's and and I'm obsessed with reptiles they are my friends and my therapy😊

  25. CreativeMorphs

    CreativeMorphs21 dag geleden

    Name suggestion for the legless lizard INGLE Abbreviation for (I'm Not Gonna Lie Everyone) Your favorite slogan lol

  26. Roger Samaniego

    Roger Samaniego21 dag geleden

    "Did you ever have a turtle head". I almost spit out my drink

  27. tinal30x

    tinal30x22 dagen geleden

    Shatter x

  28. Zoe Honest

    Zoe Honest22 dagen geleden


  29. Sandi Butler

    Sandi Butler22 dagen geleden

    That look reminds me of Prof Snape from Harry Potter!

  30. Ira Nieves

    Ira Nieves22 dagen geleden

    Slinky would be a nice name

  31. Liesl Hemsworth

    Liesl Hemsworth22 dagen geleden

    I love all animals but legless lizards and centipedes creep me out. I love how you push yourself to be around even the animals that freak you out. Have a great day everyone 💚

  32. Scott Scarberry

    Scott Scarberry22 dagen geleden

    I was going to say Stumpy, but I like the Lt. Dan even better. Lol

  33. Samantha Sully

    Samantha Sully22 dagen geleden

    Should name him no feet like from little bear

  34. Hannah Eversole

    Hannah Eversole22 dagen geleden

    Name for the legless (glass) lizard: Shard (like a piece of glass)

  35. Amanda'stakeonit

    Amanda'stakeonit22 dagen geleden

    Shhhh Jay!! Lizards have much better hearing than snakes. You should not yell around them, especially if you want it to remain calm.

  36. Amanda'stakeonit

    Amanda'stakeonit22 dagen geleden

    Basilisk should be the legless lizard's name OR Legolas as in LOR

  37. Rachel Clark

    Rachel Clark22 dagen geleden

    I vote Medusa!! They look way more like what was in her hair. She turned people into stone if they looked her in the eyes so I think it would be cool. Or the male version Meduso lol!!

  38. Tiana Scott Carroll

    Tiana Scott Carroll22 dagen geleden

    Ll cool j

  39. A crabbyPatty

    A crabbyPatty23 dagen geleden

    Yer zz

  40. Dakota Digby

    Dakota Digby23 dagen geleden


  41. OmgImKane

    OmgImKane23 dagen geleden

    You know what, I get it, something about a lizard-snake feels really weird 😂

  42. AJ Hill

    AJ Hill23 dagen geleden

    I would name him legs for days because he is waiting for his legs

  43. Cutielildabi

    Cutielildabi23 dagen geleden

    This might be a weird name but you should name glassy

  44. Mika Madison

    Mika Madison23 dagen geleden

    He kind a looks like a basil us from Harry Potter in the face

  45. Crafting with Boys

    Crafting with Boys23 dagen geleden

    Lt Dan!! 😂😂😂😂

  46. Victoria Nolan

    Victoria Nolan23 dagen geleden

    Rocket or Mike

  47. Rocky Rex Dino squad

    Rocky Rex Dino squad23 dagen geleden

    You should call the legless lizard (legs)

  48. yeeet

    yeeet23 dagen geleden

    Yeah, lets go with Dan.

  49. Heather halloween

    Heather halloween23 dagen geleden


  50. Heather halloween

    Heather halloween23 dagen geleden


  51. Andrew Miklos

    Andrew Miklos23 dagen geleden

    I always wanted you guys to get a legless lizard

  52. Quaver

    Quaver23 dagen geleden

    There found in parts of the UK too

  53. Ryan Gurley

    Ryan Gurley23 dagen geleden

    Name the lizard Onix

  54. Galeia Williams

    Galeia Williams24 dagen geleden

    I like lieutenant dan. For the glass lizard. And i think 50% willb normal and the rest will b albino clowns.

  55. Hooligan Fun Netty

    Hooligan Fun Netty24 dagen geleden

    Belly Bubba

  56. Alan Kilgore

    Alan Kilgore24 dagen geleden

    Name him Pyrex

  57. Stephen Semple

    Stephen Semple24 dagen geleden

    Can we please see you clean and wash your snakes..would be interesting to see what you do?. I have asked a couple of times but not sure if it's been noticed?. Thanks

  58. GoddessLove Remedies

    GoddessLove Remedies24 dagen geleden

    How about Tiffin? Like the glass.

  59. zaine hughes

    zaine hughes24 dagen geleden

    You should name him galaxy

  60. sincerely jodie

    sincerely jodie24 dagen geleden


  61. Kelly Bennett-Nardon

    Kelly Bennett-Nardon24 dagen geleden

    Legless.... i love that it's a leg less lizard 🦎 and after a few wines ur Legless 😄🤣 Brian, my husband and I love the vlog 💕 keep up the good work x 👏🙌❤

  62. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith24 dagen geleden

    Lieutenant Dan

  63. Kai Neave

    Kai Neave24 dagen geleden

    Name the Lizard 🦎 Legolas like of Lord of the Rings


    SALTY BALLS FISHIN24 dagen geleden

    Your artwork on your body is sick brother...great tattoo artist whoever did them

  65. Valerie Kim

    Valerie Kim24 dagen geleden

    Looks like a dinosaur a real life dinosaur


    LOUD GUIZIN24 dagen geleden

    best notification yesterday i had no internet

  67. Amy Lewis

    Amy Lewis24 dagen geleden


  68. Marna Cloete

    Marna Cloete24 dagen geleden

    Call him boa

  69. Yuko Kay Stevenson

    Yuko Kay Stevenson24 dagen geleden


  70. Jackson Rodriguez

    Jackson Rodriguez24 dagen geleden


  71. Dan Angelucci

    Dan Angelucci24 dagen geleden

    Legless lizard, call him Stubby!

  72. David P

    David P24 dagen geleden

    I don't think he is going to lie

  73. sᴜʙᴄʀɪʙᴇ ғᴏʀ ᴀ ᴄᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ

    sᴜʙᴄʀɪʙᴇ ғᴏʀ ᴀ ᴄᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ24 dagen geleden

    Reptiles is very scary to me, until i tame it.

  74. Paula Batt

    Paula Batt24 dagen geleden

    Maui for the name

  75. Jackson Rodriguez

    Jackson Rodriguez24 dagen geleden

    Hi Paula

  76. M C

    M C24 dagen geleden

    Hey @Brian Barczyk, I noticed Algae on your sauna ladle. You need to bleach that and be sure to not be breathing that in, in steam form. You do not want to have Algae in a vapor form for you to breath in. One of those great things about bamboo and such, sorry!!!! I'd bring it in at night and just sprits it with a bleach water solution every night and let it dry out, then re-treat the wood occasionally.

  77. Gina Glazomitsky

    Gina Glazomitsky24 dagen geleden

    You obviously have to name him Legolas

  78. Cristian Rivera

    Cristian Rivera24 dagen geleden

    name for the lizard should be legs

  79. Anchor Lass

    Anchor Lass24 dagen geleden

    Not sure I would call it cool. It sort of creeps me out.

  80. Catherine Davis

    Catherine Davis24 dagen geleden

    OKAY!! You are officially NUTZ!!! LMAO Love the legless lizard.

  81. Eric Purnomo

    Eric Purnomo24 dagen geleden

    Mr. Glass

  82. Donald Jones Collins

    Donald Jones Collins24 dagen geleden

    Shattered should be the name

  83. Jena Daley

    Jena Daley24 dagen geleden

    Snake Discovery has Lt. Dan, but can we pleaseeeee name him Sausage? He’s such a long boi

  84. Adam Everett

    Adam Everett24 dagen geleden

    You need a really cool back tattoo.

  85. Little Wolf Taima

    Little Wolf Taima24 dagen geleden

    They're like handsome Squidward face snakes

  86. Efishnsee

    Efishnsee24 dagen geleden

    Legolas LOTR !! No brainer lol

  87. Amanda Lin

    Amanda Lin24 dagen geleden


  88. RuthlesskillerGaara

    RuthlesskillerGaara24 dagen geleden

    Legolas, the legless lizard

  89. Tilling Crown 763

    Tilling Crown 76324 dagen geleden

    The price for merch is that in American or aus

  90. Ace Wolf

    Ace Wolf24 dagen geleden

    call it legalus of lord of the rings

  91. Rodelle Thomas

    Rodelle Thomas24 dagen geleden

    I think you should call him silky

  92. dragon god

    dragon god24 dagen geleden

    Please call him legless

  93. BobbiJo Eads

    BobbiJo Eads24 dagen geleden

    Been watching for about a year and a half now and I love your videos. I've been going through a bad depression since my daughter passed away in Feb. I stopped watching for 4 months because we would watch you together every day and it was very hard to be happy watching when I couldn't share your positivity with her. I always wanted to bring her to visit your zoo so she wouldn't be scared of snakes like I am. If you ever get a female animal that needs a name could you please name it Keeva after my daughter. Hopefully one day I can save up enough and come face my fears. Thank you for all you do and the positivity you spread.

  94. Laydeete Hill

    Laydeete Hill24 dagen geleden

    LIZZY,LIZZO or LIZA for the legless lizard

  95. Matteo Gaffo

    Matteo Gaffo24 dagen geleden

    You guys should keep an Italian “Biacco”. Beautiful black - yellow color variations

  96. Iam1random1

    Iam1random124 dagen geleden

    Legless Lizard looks like a sausage so perhaps name it Vienna or Sausage

  97. Micah Hasty

    Micah Hasty24 dagen geleden

    Legoless… play in Legolas??

  98. Jennifer Fitzgerald

    Jennifer Fitzgerald25 dagen geleden

    A legitimate and extremely important question: WHERE IS THE “hooo doggy” OWL?!?! I haven’t seen it in a minute!

  99. Kerry Rounds Pawlik

    Kerry Rounds Pawlik25 dagen geleden

    I like Topaz for the leg less lizard. The coloring is pretty.

  100. Brandon Lanham

    Brandon Lanham25 dagen geleden

    Got to name him LEGO

  101. Veronica Siler

    Veronica Siler25 dagen geleden

    Name for the new lizard Mr. Glass

  102. Shawn Sigouin

    Shawn Sigouin25 dagen geleden

    I think you should name your new pet either plexi for plexiglass but my favourite one would be Tea cup because it’s fragile and they shatter when They drop and it’s a cute name

  103. Jordan Harris

    Jordan Harris25 dagen geleden

    Can we just consider legalese

  104. Denise Newman

    Denise Newman25 dagen geleden

    Legolas from lord of the rings!!

  105. KHowler

    KHowler25 dagen geleden

    Emily from Snake Discovery says that in the Indiana Jones movie where he is surrounded by "snakes" he was actually surrounded by legless lizards! Please don't name him Lt. Dan! Snake Discovery already has one named Lt. Dan and Leogolas.

  106. Maggie Taylor

    Maggie Taylor25 dagen geleden

    You can produce normal double het albino clown, clowns, albinos, or albino clowns

  107. PurpleHorse26

    PurpleHorse2625 dagen geleden

    should call him Legolas....Leg-o-loss