My New Fly River Turtles are on the way and I need to build their enclosures right now!

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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!


Brian Barczyk


  1. Brian Barczyk

    Brian Barczyk23 dagen geleden

    Good Morning Reptile Army! Hope your days are going great! How exciting to build these enclosures and finally get my dream turtles! I am absolutely obsessed with them and can not wait to eventually have them on display at the new expansion! They are the coolest turtles I have ever worked with and I already love them! Let me know what you think I should name them! Traveling today for another secret mission:) More on this in the coming weeks! Hope you all have wonderful days and remember to stay grateful! Love you all and see you tomorrow! Brian

  2. Gemma Davies

    Gemma Davies16 dagen geleden

    Ur the best

  3. Lexii Peck

    Lexii Peck22 dagen geleden

    I think Benny and Jet, so everytime you go in to see them you can sing Be-be-be-be-be-Benny and the Jets🎶

  4. Nathan Jones

    Nathan Jones22 dagen geleden

    I have another comment posted but I’ll do one here too. If there both male Orville and Wilber.

  5. Dawn B

    Dawn B22 dagen geleden

    Brian it’s so wonderful to see how happy you get when there is a really special animal that comes to join the family! ❤️🐢❤️

  6. Shiv Patel

    Shiv Patel23 dagen geleden

    @Sebastian Aviles Acevedo yes sir, there not only in Mexico I I am pretty sure they can be found in other locations as well. But yeah I do agree w/that idea

  7. Midnight Coasters

    Midnight Coasters2 dagen geleden

    Alpha and Omega are perferct names for them

  8. He-Man’s Uncle

    He-Man’s Uncle9 dagen geleden

    Cool tanks. The cutaway scenes were a plenty and fast

  9. Jacob Hagerman

    Jacob Hagerman10 dagen geleden

    How about crush and squirt from finding Nemo?

  10. Jenna Madison

    Jenna Madison12 dagen geleden

    I like the names flipper and skipper

  11. Jason Mullen

    Jason Mullen13 dagen geleden

    where can I get one been looking for a while now?

  12. Vivek raja ka acting

    Vivek raja ka acting13 dagen geleden

    Bhai mujhe NLpush channel kharidne

  13. Will Mel Stone

    Will Mel Stone14 dagen geleden

    I think it would be cool if you named them something in the native language of the place you swam with them. Or the area you got them from.

  14. Isaac Foose

    Isaac Foose15 dagen geleden

    Had a couple fly rivers b4 they became illegal to ship sadly my turtle passed away even with a tank heater we a serious cold snap during a winter an he passed away it broke my mother's heart

  15. just drewing

    just drewing15 dagen geleden

    What about pinky and the brain

  16. xenaren

    xenaren16 dagen geleden

    How do you ship a friggen turtle lol

  17. Gemma Davies

    Gemma Davies16 dagen geleden

    I look up to u and ur the best I what to be just like u

  18. Joanne McTavish

    Joanne McTavish16 dagen geleden

    Good Aussie names Bindi and Robert (Irwin)

  19. Mark Taylor

    Mark Taylor16 dagen geleden

    Brian, love your vids I subbed and liked keep it up love this design.

  20. Sunnyy✨🌺Tyme

    Sunnyy✨🌺Tyme16 dagen geleden



    JKGMTWR16 dagen geleden

    Brian, I’m sure you have to clean pebbles like that quite often. Get a portable cement mixer to wash them.

  22. Faris Arafat

    Faris Arafat17 dagen geleden

    Tank to small

  23. RiverRat652

    RiverRat65217 dagen geleden

    Maverick and goose from top gun

  24. Aga Marcionetti

    Aga Marcionetti18 dagen geleden

    I’m going to The reptile zoo in a week and I am so excited to see salt and pepper

  25. Dodo YT

    Dodo YT18 dagen geleden

    Ima subscribe

  26. Craig Wyatt

    Craig Wyatt18 dagen geleden

    Name one of them “Porky Pig”. Porky for short.

  27. Colin Rust

    Colin Rust19 dagen geleden

    They are going on need clay or mud that’s the reason they don’t do good in zoos or aquariums

  28. Tennn Mercerrr

    Tennn Mercerrr19 dagen geleden

    I think you should name one of the turtles Babe, from the movie Babe with the pig! 🤭🐽🐷

  29. chellbyt

    chellbyt19 dagen geleden

    Is that the sex and the city music playing? If not, it's close

  30. Sandra Van Beeck

    Sandra Van Beeck19 dagen geleden

    omg so cool i want that too

  31. MSussy

    MSussy19 dagen geleden

    Loves ur Content so much 🤩

  32. Holguín 13

    Holguín 1319 dagen geleden

    Realmente no entiendo nada pero me resulta muy entretenido de ver jajajajaja

  33. Anna Skrzypa

    Anna Skrzypa20 dagen geleden

    You should invest in a sieve. It will make the rock cleaning progress so much easier for you.

  34. Savanna Rose

    Savanna Rose20 dagen geleden

    For a better distressed look, paint it all completely then sand it in spots to distress it

  35. Michael Ross

    Michael Ross20 dagen geleden

    Uh Brian your supposed to have the setup ready buddy lol

  36. Joe Reid

    Joe Reid20 dagen geleden

    To bad the wood stands look like they were painted by a five year old who ran out of paint.

  37. Fallen Sway

    Fallen Sway20 dagen geleden

    Why not name them Ship and Sail because one lil snoot got roughed up in shipping and the other was all to happy to sail away as soon as it touched the water lol

  38. Jennifer Geiter-Barker

    Jennifer Geiter-Barker20 dagen geleden

    Crush, dude lil man.

  39. Retro The Leopard Gecko

    Retro The Leopard Gecko20 dagen geleden

    id name one of them gunner or shotgunner bc there noses or like double barrel

  40. pattyrodriguez909

    pattyrodriguez90920 dagen geleden

    My son is a big fan of u he always watches u video on NLpush and always wanted to see u in real life

  41. breezy Write

    breezy Write20 dagen geleden

    Name them Buddz and Neddz

  42. Ben H

    Ben H20 dagen geleden

    Your editor needs a raise

  43. Lee N

    Lee N20 dagen geleden

    They are cute, glad you got them.

  44. Brenda Foster

    Brenda Foster21 dag geleden

    Jack & Jill Barczyk or Even Brian And Lori if they are a pair...

  45. Trillest Playaa

    Trillest Playaa21 dag geleden

    Ying and Yang

  46. Joey Sanchez

    Joey Sanchez21 dag geleden

    where'd you get them from? I've had a tough time finding a breeder

  47. Aliali642

    Aliali64221 dag geleden

    Why would you put them on gravel….they need to be on sand or mud….

  48. JT REMIX

    JT REMIX21 dag geleden

    Repent now and trust Jesus Christ our Lord and savior please 🤍 God bless your family and you

  49. Ashley Moore

    Ashley Moore21 dag geleden

    I thought I was watching this at an increased speed. You talk fast!

  50. Mandy Vance

    Mandy Vance21 dag geleden

    Name them Ima & Youra Pig ., different & fun. They are beautiful.

  51. Brandon Mana

    Brandon Mana21 dag geleden

    Thats a platinum?!

  52. lilcrocop

    lilcrocop21 dag geleden

    the tanks are preeetttyyy small though!!! i have one fish in a tank double that n these are way bigger cmon

  53. Maj-Britt Hjortshøj

    Maj-Britt Hjortshøj21 dag geleden

    Since they are pig nose turtles - Peppa and George. They are so cute!!!

  54. scrubjay93

    scrubjay9321 dag geleden

    I think that tank is inadequate for those turtles so I hope you move them soon. "...when frightened it can ‘shoot like a rocket’ (potentially ramming into things)..." I would think the only suitable tank for them would be round and the bigger the better. "For adults, minimum 200 gallon tank (7’x2’x2’), and much larger preferred." You could set up a 200-gallon stock tank and they would be much much happier. The care info I am reading right now says to keep them solo due to intraspecific aggression: "This species is known to be extremely aggressive. Therefore, it is very important to keep a low population density in a single enclosure, as well as to provide ample hiding spots. Even young specimens exhibit extreme aggression toward each other; they must be provided with at least as many hiding places as there are turtles. Because of its aggressive tendencies, it is unsafe to house other turtle species in the same enclosure as the Pig-nosed turtle. Some keepers do not even house adult male and female Pig-nosed turtles together on a continual basis because of their extremely aggressive behavior." Having them in a small tank also makes it hard to provide the high water quality, chemical stability, and temperature stability that they require. just my 2 c

  55. Sien Hwie

    Sien Hwie21 dag geleden

    In indonesia turtle pig's nose

  56. Yankee redneck

    Yankee redneck21 dag geleden

    Honestly yeah they'll look a lot better with the gravel bottom but they'll be a lot happier with mud

  57. Chaperone

    Chaperone21 dag geleden

    Homedepot is pog

  58. NISHIKANT sharma

    NISHIKANT sharma21 dag geleden

  59. Dawne Sims

    Dawne Sims21 dag geleden

    Baby Bash sang that song “Suga how get so fly” so maybe Suga and Baby Bash.

  60. Ashley Westerback

    Ashley Westerback21 dag geleden

    Love your videos but this one has a little to much driving and building

  61. Bradley Ford

    Bradley Ford21 dag geleden

    Super awesome unboxing!!! Moe and Larry!!!

  62. Petr Klacek

    Petr Klacek21 dag geleden

    that turtle looks like my pp

  63. Johnny Carlson

    Johnny Carlson21 dag geleden

    I like all the videos you do but I really hope you move both of those turtles to a tank size of at least 155 gallons or more maybe even 300 gallons

  64. Amanda Elder

    Amanda Elder21 dag geleden

    Milo and Otis!

  65. C Vint

    C Vint21 dag geleden

    Kyle and bruno

  66. Marshall Weber

    Marshall Weber21 dag geleden

    Awesome Video and Much Love as Always!!!

  67. Tamara Rose

    Tamara Rose21 dag geleden

    Mario and luigi

  68. Seth Todd

    Seth Todd21 dag geleden

    Is there a story on line

  69. Mitten Reefer

    Mitten Reefer22 dagen geleden

    Bashsea equipment is so nice My reeftank is all Bashsea life support looks so clean

  70. s j

    s j22 dagen geleden

    Do you finally take care of your animals???

  71. Hope wright

    Hope wright22 dagen geleden

    They like green grapes a lot two thumbs up

  72. Peter Webster

    Peter Webster22 dagen geleden

    Call them Laurel and hardy

  73. Kendyl Kahl

    Kendyl Kahl22 dagen geleden

    Shirley and chip are cute names chip for the one with the scrape

  74. Annemarie Acosta

    Annemarie Acosta22 dagen geleden

    Love the turtles !!!!

  75. Seizedcarcass 84

    Seizedcarcass 8422 dagen geleden

    I’ve never seen a young Fly River turtle. Amazing!!!!

  76. Angela Conley

    Angela Conley22 dagen geleden

    Cuties. Benny and lenny for names.

  77. Darth Vapor

    Darth Vapor22 dagen geleden

    Brian be super flexing, buying all that lumber. $$$ 🤣🤣🤣

  78. Kritter Kyle

    Kritter Kyle22 dagen geleden

    My dream turtles!

  79. Mr. Chimpo

    Mr. Chimpo22 dagen geleden

    Drekk and Brock will be good names..

  80. Maham Tauqir

    Maham Tauqir22 dagen geleden

    I really did

  81. Mr. Chimpo

    Mr. Chimpo22 dagen geleden

    6:52 wait what , monkeys stay in tanks...😅

  82. Tami Jansen

    Tami Jansen22 dagen geleden

    My name suggestion would be Benny and June. 💜

  83. David Vecchi

    David Vecchi22 dagen geleden

    Home Depot really go to Lowe’s

  84. Lana Deaton

    Lana Deaton22 dagen geleden

    Fly River turtle names Tapajos like the Tapajos river in Brasil. Amazon like the Amazon river. Or name their after your favourite rivers in the US, or from countries you’ve visited.

  85. Jake Haskin

    Jake Haskin22 dagen geleden

    What an amazing creature those turtles are on another level of gorgeous!!

  86. Matthew Santoro

    Matthew Santoro22 dagen geleden

    Names Bonnie and Clyde would be cool

  87. scorpio mama

    scorpio mama22 dagen geleden

    name one Tippsy and the other one Topsy!

  88. Kapitan916

    Kapitan91622 dagen geleden

    You should name the dark one Oreo and the lighter one should be Creme.

  89. william amely

    william amely22 dagen geleden

    They are very attractive Turtles. As I don't know their sex, Alpha and Beta, would be nice names.

  90. undonerabbit

    undonerabbit22 dagen geleden

    Had to get the comments off 666

  91. Ant Gosse

    Ant Gosse22 dagen geleden

    They need a lot more room than a 70 gallon😢poor turtles. If you need help the rule of thumb is that for every inch you add 10 gallons…

  92. Annabel

    Annabel21 dag geleden

    It really is too small

  93. Herlinda Luykx

    Herlinda Luykx22 dagen geleden

    Quick and Flipke

  94. Kiara Edwards

    Kiara Edwards22 dagen geleden

    Blossom and cherry 😌

  95. L R

    L R22 dagen geleden

    They look so calm and innocently

  96. Esha Prasad

    Esha Prasad22 dagen geleden

    Ehu and Elu would be a great name for these pig nose turtle 🐢 because Ehu and Ely are my German Shepherd's and my chipmunk' name and I would love it if you name these cuties 😍❤

  97. John Agen

    John Agen22 dagen geleden

    Please get a rock python and yellow anaconda!

  98. Aan Streetsoldier

    Aan Streetsoldier22 dagen geleden

    In indonesia we call this "kura kura moncong babi"

  99. Shawn Penson

    Shawn Penson22 dagen geleden

    Best video on NLpush DYI on how to build a zoo lowkey!

  100. Joshua Manning

    Joshua Manning22 dagen geleden

    I’m sure they love the small aquarium!

  101. Zoul Fahmi

    Zoul Fahmi22 dagen geleden

    Finally after a few years. Great content with nice editting. Keep on the good works.

  102. MrCites1

    MrCites122 dagen geleden

    Warradjan is what the Natives call them in Kakadu.

  103. ÆLuciusÆYtXD

    ÆLuciusÆYtXD22 dagen geleden

    hey i saw your channal and it was the best i hope you get 9000Trilion milion subs bye :d

  104. Lead Gin Dairy

    Lead Gin Dairy22 dagen geleden

    "You dont have to yell by the way," is this his first time meeting Brian Barczyk? The man gets excited easily, let him be. hahaha

  105. Lead Gin Dairy

    Lead Gin Dairy20 dagen geleden

    @Gerhard van Rensburg lol i know it was a joke. I kiid i kiid!

  106. Uganda Knuckles

    Uganda Knuckles22 dagen geleden

    Does the legend himself @Brian Barczyk respond?

  107. Hamish Perring

    Hamish Perring22 dagen geleden

    I’m from australia and this is a dream animal but even in Australia there cost a bomb stoked you got some for the repterium and you should get an albino like predatory fins one it will be insane!